According to thompson, meyers, and jochem, caregivers' attempts to help infants soothe their emotions influence:


Answer 1
Answer: I believe the answer is Neurobiological regulation of emotions
The existence of caregivers tend to make the infants feel safe/secure due to the protective feeling that they may felt.
This lead to their bodies able to slow down their heart rate and create a more happy, relax, or calm emotions

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____ attempts to prevent trade secrets from being illegally shared.


The correct answer is the Economic Espionage Act in 1996. This is known to be a federal law that deals with issues that focuses on theft or misappropriation in regards of trade secrets are to be likely considered as a federal criminal offense. This law contains two separate provisions of which are the Section 1831 and as well as the Section 1832.


It is not uncommon for an executive agreement to be made _____. A- after a President is elected

B- before a President signs a treaty

C- after a treaty is made

D- before a treaty is made


The correct answer is D. A President often makes an executive agreement before a treaty is made. In this context, an executive agreement is best understood as a sort of "preliminary" treaty, and it can guide the eventual treaty that Congress adopts. An executive agreement, however, carries less authority than an actual treaty ratified by Congress.


Option D, before a treaty is made, is the right answer.


An agreement between the delegates of two or more countries that have not been approved by the government as agreements are ratified is known as an executive agreement. Such agreements are regarded as politically requisite to distinguish them from treaties that are bounded legally. An executive agreement is generally made before a treaty is made, accordingly, it may be understood as a "preliminary" treaty.


Bahrain has a very long history. What evidence from the passage best supports this conclusion?

Bahrain has historically played a large role in the pearl industry.

Bahrain has been an island of immigrants.

The Dilmun civilization traded goods to and from the Middle East.

Four thousand years ago, Bahrain was part of the Dilmun civilization.​


From the given options, Bahrain has historically played a large role in the pearl industry .


This story was taken from “About the island” Passage.

In the story, there is a conversation between the character name called Rashid and his mother.

Here is the conclusion part, "We might not trade wood or elephant tusks, but I know Bahrain's pearls are well known." His mother said, "That's right." "And this remains a major part of our economy. For hundreds of years, Bahrain Island has been a major center of Perl trade.

"The term is like that for an island community," said his mother "Were you aware that the term Bahrain means two seas to the two most important islands that compose the country?"Rashid was no longer waiting to hear. He had already stopped calling Seher and telling her everything he had learned.”


What does we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented mean?


I think it means that we become accustomed to what we’re surrounded by. If you are exposed to/around something for a certain amount of time, that something becomes normal to you. It’s just like how everybody is part of a different culture, and some cultures practice things that may seem absurd to others, but it’s the norm for them. For example, if our society lived in a time where every single thing was electronic or vigils reality, then a child born and raised in that time would find that completely normal. They would have never known anything else.
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