What is meant by a pioneer plant species


Answer 1
Answer: The first plant in a new area. Remember it by thinking of a pioneer. They are the first people to do something, such as exploring. So, a pioneer plant is the first plant to be in the new habitat created by something like a natural disaster. 

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What kind of magnet is a fridge magnet


Ferrite Magnets (ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic) are the kinds of magnets in a fridge magnet. A refrigerator magnet is made of powdered ferrite (iron rust) and a liquid binding agent of plastic or rubber. The two are heated, mixed together, and poured into a sheet mold which is then exposed to a strong magnetic field.

What effects do you think climate change and warming oceans may have on the way sounds move through the ocean?


Due to its physical properties, sound travels faster in warmer waters. As observed in the Arctic Ocean's Beaufort sea, sound travels four times faster compared with 10 years ago.

Here, a new phenomenon called the Beaufort lens was discovered. Because of warm water intrusion from the Bering Strait, three layers of water with different temperatures have formed. The top and bottom layer are warmer than the middle layer. The bottom layer is thought to have been created by the global warming.

Although sound propagates slower in the colder layer, it also bends back towards the area where it travels slowest. Thus, sound from this layer will bend back on itself when it reaches the warmer layers. In this way sound is carried to much longer distances.

The exact extent of this Lens is not yet known as it changes from year to year!


A codon is a particular combination of three nucleotides. therefore, there are __________ possible combinations of the nucleotides a, c, g, and t. 64 32 12 16 4


A codon is a particular combination of three nucleotides, therefore, there are 64 possible combinations of the nucleotides. The codons are recognized during the process of translation by the anticodon on the tRNA. Each codon codes for a particular amino acid; the amino acids then joins to form polypeptides and eventually a protein is formed. 

What is the smallest unit of matter


Answer: Atom

Explanation: The atom is the smallest unit and most basic unit of matter. The atom is made up three subatomic particles and they are called the protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and neutrons are stored in the core of the atom and the electrons are located in the energy levels.




They are very small. Even smaller than atoms. Because atoms are the smallest that keep the composition but QUARKS are smaller, and DON'T keep their composition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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