How did europeans help during the Continental army


Answer 1
Answer: Prussia and France were allies to the Continental Army, assisting them with reinforcements and funds to support them against Britain
Answer 2
Answer: France gave supplies to US forces and French ships busy British ships

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If gravity did not affect the pain of a horizontally thrown ball the ball would


If gravity had no effect on a ball after you threw it ... and there also
were no air to slow it down ... then the ball would continue traveling
in a straight line, in whatever direction you threw it. 

That's the heart and soul of Newton's laws of motion ... any object
keeps moving at the same speed, and in a straight line in the same
direction, until a force acts on it to change its speed or direction.\

If you threw the ball horizontally, then it would keep moving in the
same direction you threw it.  But don't forget:  The Earth is not flat.
The Earth is a sphere.  So, as the ball kept going farther and farther
in the same straight line, the Earth would curve away from it, and it
would look like the ball is getting farther and farther from the ground.
If gravity did not affect a horizontally thrown ball, the ball would continue along its horizontal path indefinitely (assuming it is thrown in a vacuum so no other forces are acting on it).

How you work within an environment that welcomes and serves individuals of diverse race, gender, ethnicity, culture, age, sexual orientation, religion, political viewpoint, military background, national origin, familial status, of disability. Include those examples that have impacted your life.



In my opinion the concepts of diversity and equity must be always adopted in the companies as a way to be successful taking into account different perspectives especially understanding that the workforce should not be based in the personal traits to be considered as barriers for the professional development.


On the other side, those kinds of personal differences must be considered for the benefit of the company if they are going to be considered in some way. For example, in the released campaign of a certain product the members of the company could be encouraged to give their opinion taking into account their cultural background regarding their nationalities, race, religious beliefs familial status and all the characteristic that can make them unique to offer the constructive critics explaining the reasons why the product must be changed in some aspects.

I considered that these diverse traits must not be considered unless it would be for the benefit of the participant workers of the company and the company itself, due to the fact that it is a topic that can result really sensible if it not treated in a careful way.

People can develop their abilities and skills in a company that is culturally diverse. Those with a varied variety of ideas and expertise can benefit from a larger group of peers.

How does the diverse environment work?

The ideals of diversity and equity must constantly be incorporated in firms as a method to be successful while taking into account different perspectives, especially knowing that the workforce should not be based on personal characteristics that are deemed impediments to professional progress.

On the other hand, if personal differences are to be recognized in any way, they must be regarded for the good of the organization.

For example, during the launch of a new product, employees could be encouraged to express their opinions based on their cultural backgrounds, such as;

  • Nationalities
  • Race
  • Religious beliefs
  • Familial status
  • Other characteristics

that distinguish them in order to provide constructive criticism explaining why the product needs to be changed in certain areas.

Because it is for the advantage of the company's participant workers and the company itself, these various attributes should not be regarded unless they are for the benefit of the company's participant workers and the company itself.

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Mark is interested in becoming a biomedical engineer or a journalist. Based on his research, he chose to pursue biomedical engineering. What was most likely his reason for making this choice?

A He doesn’t enjoy solving problems by working as a team and using analytical skills.
B He is interested in designing machines that help people with disabilities.
C He enjoys writing, and he’s really good at it.
D He wants to get to know lots of different kinds of people around the world.


The correct answer is B. He is interested in designing machines that help people with disabilities.


Biomedical engineering is a field of science and engineer that focuses on the creation or design which are basic principles of engineering to address medical issues. This includes creating new technologies for treating diseases or providing better treatments, technologies for diagnosis, prevention of diseases, etc. In the case of Mark, it is likely he selected biomedical engineer because "he is interested in designing machines that help people with disabilities" because one of the most relevant disciplines of biomedical engineer is bionics that focuses on creating artificial parts to help people with disabilities, this is also related to tissue engineer that can be used to generate certain tissues.

The answer is B. He interested in designing machines

You are a member of the Cherokee Nation who is being forcibly removed from your home,placed n stockades,and marched to Oklahoma by U.S Army Troops.Write a letter(short)about your experience.Include info about your feelings,your family,and friends(did anyone pass away) the weather, and your arrival to Indian territory. Marking Brainlist:)


Today we were expelled from our land and are being put away. It's been hard all this time, I've lost my father, and my brother, not to mention the great friends I grew up with. I feel sad, but at the same time I feel we can finally have peace, maybe I'm having a lot of hope, but I hope we can have peace now. Far from all these people.

Despite all the weather in our home is good, we have a beautiful view and we arrived without any problems. I think we'll be fine.


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