Which of the following is not true about the methods Spanish friars used to achieve their goals? a. They learned local languages in order to better communicate with the local peoples.
b. They studied traditional Indian beliefs, and then used those similarities to help explain Christian ideas.
c. They protested the treatment of the Indian peoples to the government.
d. They refused to baptize native converts into the Christian faith.


Answer 1
Answer: It would be that "d. They refused to baptize native converts into the Christian faith", since the Spanish viewed this as a way of solidifying their efforts of religious conversion. 
Answer 2


The Correct Answer is D.


  • Catholic friars served as the Missionaries. The Friars worked to convert Indians to Christianity and to persuade them to adopt the Spanish culture.
  • The Friars advocate that the Indians surrender their tradition in favor of the Christian beliefs and Spanish ways.
  • The Friars destroyed the sacred Images and the Indian temples then forced them to build the new Catholic Churches and adopt the rituals of the Catholic faiths.

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PLS HELP! WILL MARK BRANLIEST! THIS IS URGENT IT IS DUE IN 10 MIN! Choose one invention, change of transportation, or change of communication. Write 5-7 sentences describing how it has changed the life of Americans.


One invention and change of communication that changed the life of many Americans is the cellphone. The telephone has allowed many people to get in contact in the matter of seconds. The cellphone allowed many people to contact people all over the world. The cellphone also introduced texting later on in its years which a lot of people use every day. The cellphone will keep evolving and have many positive and negative impacts on the life of Americans.

The most prominent buildings in the cities were called


I think it's Mesopotamia buildings. I'm not sure. 

What was the significance of the Jamestown settlement ? A:sight of England’s lost colony
B: the first permanent English colony
C: the first Dutch settlement in the new world


B! Jamestown was the first permanent English

Jamestown, Virginia - Wikipedia The Jamestown settlement in the Colony of Virginia was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. It was located on the east bank of the Powhatan (James) River about 2.5 mi (4 km) southwest of the center of modern Williamsburg. William Kelso writes that Jamestown "is where the British Empire began".

MY BEST CHOICE IS B .... if that's incorrect its c but i would go with B


Shay's rebellion was a an uprising by small merchants demanding credit. b an uprising by revolutionary war veterans demanding pensions. c the most decisive battle of the revolution, after which british troops were never again able to mount a major offensive against american troops. d a slave uprising in virginia. e an uprising by farmers to prevent judges from foreclosing on farms.


Shay's rebellion was a an uprising by an uprising by farmers to prevent judges from foreclosing on farms. Hence, option E is correct.

What did the farmers in Shays Rebellion do?

A few years after the Revolutionary War, the Shays' Rebellion broke out when bankrupt Massachusetts farmers tried to shut down the courts in an effort to prevent the foreclosure of their farms.

The majority of the rebels were former Revolutionary War soldiers who had become farmers and opposed government economic policies that led to poverty and home foreclosures. The uprising was named after Daniel Shays, a farmer and former soldier who took part in the Battle of Bunker Hill and served as one of the rebellion's commanders.

Farmers in western Massachusetts organized the Shays' Rebellion in 1786 as a series of armed protests against oppressive debt and property tax collecting practices. The farmers were resentful of Massachusetts' high property taxes and the consequences, which included farm foreclosure and lengthy prison terms.

Thus, option E is correct.

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Shay's rebellion was an uprising by farmers to prevent judges from foreclosing on farms. = e.
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