In a pie chart showing showing the voting choices of 120 voters, the blue slice of pie is half of the pie. This means of 60 votes are represented by the blue slice of pie. A)True


Answer 1
Answer: This is true because half of 120 is the whole and is says that 60 is half the pie 60x2=120
Answer 2


60/120 *360 degrees = 180 degrees

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A windows live ID is used to


A Windows Live ID is your e-mail address and a password that you choose. After you’ve signed up for a Windows Live ID, you can use it on Windows Live sites like Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Office Live, Xbox Live, and more.Microsoft account or MSA (previously known as Microsoft Passport, .NET Passport, Microsoft Passport Network, and Windows Live ID) is a single sign-on web service developed and provided by Microsoft that allows users to log into websites (like, devices (e.g. Windows 10 computers and tablets, Windows Phones.

Sign into your outlook account, OneDrive..this is what I have i signed intp all my accounts. Microsoft, it used to be Hotmail recently changed to outlook or windows live.

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What major criteria must a product or process meet in order to be considered emerging technology?


The major criteria that a product or process should have in order to be considered as an emerging technology are its favorability. The product or process should be properly studied and examined if it may or may not favor the actions of your industry, most specifically to the environmental factors. 


The major criteria must a product or process meet in order to be considered emerging technology is its pureness and usefulness.


The product should meet the criteria according to their needs in the market and it should be properly examined so that it can satisfy the customer requirements.

Before Applying any process in the market, we should have a successful demo that it is worth to meet the emerging technology or not.


Just as you can learn to drive a car without knowing much about car engines, you can learn to use a computer without understanding the technical details of how a computer works.


Yes you can but it helps to understand the technical details so if there is ever an issue you could identify and fix said issue easier.

What happened to Henry at the end of Chapter 4 in Bendy and the ink machine?


Henry wakes up in the remains of the crashed elevator and begins his search for Boris. He journeys through the studio's archives, suddenly beginning to suffer from hallucinations of paranormal activity and discovers a large group of non-hostile ink monsters called the Lost Ones, hinted to be the studio's employees. They have been driven to despair at being trapped inside the studio for so long, crying that they just want to go home. Henry then also encounters "Bendy" again, who surprises him, but then strangely leaves him alone before disappearing.

After navigating through the vents of the archives, Henry finds himself in a large underground warehouse that houses prototypes for a Bendy theme park, Bendy Land. Created by park designer Bertrum Piedmont, more audio logs imply that Joey intended to take the credit for the park's creation, leading Bertrum to become frustrated with the studio owner. Henry is taunted by the disembodied voice of "Alice", threatening him with the idea of the captured Boris being used to finally cure her disfigurement before he can reach her. Having to travel through different storage areas of character suits, Bendy animatronics, ride prototypes and even a railway system, Henry learns from a recording that Joey's focus on belief and dreaming was nothing but a facade when he drops the attitude and remarks how the public love messages like that, complaining he can only do so many takes of such rhetoric a day. During his time in the prototype ride storage, Henry is attacked by the corrupted form of Bertrum, who has somehow been transformed into one of the park's attractions, forcing Henry to destroy him. In the railway storage, Henry is also stalked by the Projectionist again. After being spotted and hiding in a "Little Miracle Station" from it, Henry witnesses "Bendy" arrive and the two monsters fight each other, leading to "Bendy's" victory after he pulls off the Projectionist's head. "Bendy", once again, confusingly leaves Henry alone and departs with the Projectionist's body.

After activating the haunted house ride to reach where "Alice" is hiding, Henry is stopped by Boris, who has been turned into a hulking monster by "Alice" in order to kill him. With no choice but to defend himself, Henry eventually manages to kill "Brute Boris". Enraged at having been foiled again, "Alice" charges at Henry in an attempt to kill him herself but is suddenly stabbed through the heart from behind and collapses to the ground. Henry then realizes that he has been saved by another Alice Angel named Allison Angel (who is heavily implied to be Allison Pendle) and another Boris named Tom (possibly the studio's repairman, Thomas Connor), both armed with weapons.

In a post-credit scene, "Alice's" body is shown lifeless on the ground, surrounded by the Lost Ones. However, through the humming that is heard faintly in the background, it suggests she might still be alive.

Heres chapter four ^^^ read stuff and figure it out

in this Chapter Four DLC, follow the fading trail of a stolen friend and survive the cartoon horrors that await you. The secrets of the studio are stepping into the light and it's time to face them.
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