Please help me to answer these questions!! Thank you in advance. 1 - A string is cut into three pieces in the ratio 5 : 4 : 2. If the longest piece of string is 87 cm longer than the shortest piece of string, find the length of the string before it is being cut.

2- A bookstore sold fiction books, textbooks and workbooks last month in the ratio 6 : 5 : 9 respectively. If the store sold 1350 workbooks, what was the total number of fiction books and textbooks sold that month??


Answer 1
Answer: 1.     5:4:2

add all the lengths together to find the amount of total string
87+69.6+34.8= 191.4

im not sure how to work the second one out. 

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A recipe requires 1/3 cup of milk for each 1/4 cup of water. How many cups of water are needed for each cup of milk? a. 1/12
b. 3/4
c. 11/12
d. 1 1/3


D) 1 1/3

(1/3) x reciprocal of 1/4 so (4/1) = 4/3 which simplifies to 1 1/3 

Step 1. Create a scenario that leads to an inequality of the form ax + b > c. You can use any of the inequality symbols (>, ≥, <, ≤) in your inequality. For this step, just write the word problem. Step 2. Write the inequality and show all work to solve the inequality.
Step 3. Graph the solution to your inequality on a number line.
Step 4. Explain what your solution means in the context of the problem.


1 -A company has 10 acres of land for their company headquarters. They want to increase their headquarters to at least 56 acres of land. How many acres can the company purchase.

2-         10 acres + X ≥ 56 acres

           -10                   -10

              0                    46

                      X = 46


3-    ß---|--------------------------------------------------------------à


4- 46 is the amount of acres the company needs to buy in order to get at least 56 acres added


Product of seven and x


Product of seven and x = 7x
hope it helps

10s are equal thousand is it true or false


The answer for this is False
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1) Which can be inferred from the graph? A) Federal spending increased 100% between 1929 and 1932. B) Republicans defeated the Democrats for control of Congress in 1936. C) World War II resulted in increased government spending in the United States. D) Roosevelt’s "New Deal" programs resulted in dramatic increases in government spending after 1933. 2) Which of these is an example of one of the actions that take place at a political party's national convention? A) prepare and approve the party's beliefs B) nominate the party's candidates for Senate C) nominate the party's candidate for the Supreme Court D) ratify treaties and political agreements for the government 3) In the early 1930s, drought hit the Great Plains and the top soil literally blew away, creating what was termed the American “Dust Bowl”. Federal conservation programs were created to rehabilitate the Dust Bowl so that farmers could start over rather than abandon their land and move away. This is an example of A) economic self-destruction brought on by diminishing property values. B) government intervention to prevent migration from an area. C) dust storms created by the natural environment. D) the criminal misuse of agricultural property. 4) This independent regulatory agency was created in 1974 to oversee and regulate the financing of political campaigns in the United States. A) Warren Commission (WC) B) Federal Election Commission (FEC) C) Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) D) Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 5) Which of these would be MOST important to the success of a constitutional government? A) mandatory voting B) a rural population C) checks and balances D) an urban population 6) In the Declaration of Independence, whom did the Americans indict for "repeated injuries and usurpations"? A) King George III, because of the crown's apparent intention to establish despotism B) Parliament, because of the oppressive legislation that it had passed over ten years C) British merchants, because their drive for personal profits had caused them to ignore the greater good of the empire D) The king's ministers, because they had refused to compromise and had turned the king and Parliament against the colonies 7) The Articles of Confederation was important MAINLY because they A) named the country "The United States of America." B) protected the rights and liberties of American citizens. C) forbade states to enter into treaties without approval from Congress. D) held the country together prior to the implementation of the Constitution. 8) Why was the "New Deal" such a new concept for the United States government? A) It was the first time a Democrat had been President. B) It was the first time a Republican had been President. C) The Federal government became very active in the national economy. D) The states refused to take part in Roosevelt's attempts to end The Great Depression. 9) Which is the BEST case for requiring naturalized American citizens to be able to read, write, and speak English? A) It equips them to more fully participate in our democracy. B) It is a unifying force for the diverse citizens of our society. C) It makes it easier for citizens to understand and follow the laws. D) It ensures that they are informed about the issues on which they vote. 10) Which of these was a major philosophy expressed in the Declaration of Independence? A) support for states' rights and slavery B) a belief in the natural rights of citizens C) the need for a federal system of government D) a belief in the benefits of a laissez-faire economy