Unlike most american settlers who went west, the mormons went west because they


Answer 1
Answer: Hi i told you i can't sing.

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How were new york and pennsylvania colonies similar?


They both had very similar values in what they ate and twi they ran things

The best definition of a "citizen" is a person who gives allegiance to a government
pays money to gain rights
moves to a new country
works many years for a nation


Gives allegiance to a government. i may be wrong
A citizen is one who gives allegiance to a government

Many German alliances were formed to diplomatically isolate A. Italy
B. France
C. Russia
D. Great Britain


The German organization together was known as the Triple alliance is France. Triple alliance together was a mystery understanding between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy shaped on 20 May 1882 and reestablished occasionally until World War I. The answer is B.
Many German alliances were formed to diplomatically isolate B. France. Prior to the WWI, France and Germany had many fights where France lost some territories to Germany, but bad blood definitely stayed between them. This is why Germany tried to befriend Italy, Russia, and Great Britain, among other countries, so as to create problems for France and stop it from developing in Europe.

Democracy is best described as government by a few government by a King or Queen government by the people government by one leader with force


The United States is a Democracy.

There are no Kings or Queens in America (although the president and his wife  come close).  This sounds like a Dominion. It is not what you want.

There are laws in America. Lots of them. But checks and balances still work. So the last one is not true.

Technically the first one is an oligarchy. It is not correct, but it is the closest to the right answer. The first one is close but not correct.

The answer is government by the people. That's what the constitution guaranteed.

Well, it is certain people call democracy the people government where the people rule.

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