To what extent does one's background affect his or her perception of a given situation?


Answer 1
Answer: One's background affects his or her perception with given situations as this will be set as a view of what other people will likely think of him or her. A person's background will likely affect how other people will view them and how they are viewed in everything they do. Example of a scenario of this is  when an individual has a criminal record. They will likely not hire a person who has a criminal record because they think that he or she is already bad and not  worth trusting.

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What do you think about the essay what is a hunter


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Where’s the essay ? I will need it to help you

From what language do most of our pronouns come? french latin anglo-saxon italian all of the above


For the answer to the question above,  Most come from Anglo-Saxon, but there are a few from other sources: 

The group they/them/their comes from Norse, resulting from the Danish occupation of the northern part of England (Danelaw). 

We don't know what is the origin of "she" The word appeared in Middle English, but no generally accepted source has been established.

Select the best analogy. cerebration : thought = ________:__________

A. effrontery : respect
B. manacle : hand
C. oration : speech
D. corporeal : mental


Cerebration is the act of thinking while oration is the act of speaking.

So, the answer is C. Oration : Speech

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Complete sentence, as it has a subject (It) and a verb (trickled).
It is a fragment because it trickles down isn’t saying what trickled down
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