The term fermentation is based on a word that means "to bubble". how is this meaning related to your understanding of the fermentation process?


Answer 1

The word fermentation is derived from the word bubble. Due to the fact that the fermentation of alcohol results in the production of carbon dioxide and oxygen bubbles, this meaning is connected to the fermentation process.

What is fermentation?

The metabolic process of fermentation involves the action of enzymes to cause chemical alterations in organic substrates. In biochemistry, it is specifically described as the process of obtaining energy from carbohydrates without the presence of oxygen.

In the context of food production, the term may be used more broadly to describe any procedure in which the action of microbes results in the desired modification of a food or beverage. Zymology is the field that studies fermentation.

By anaerobically degrading organic resources, fermentation is the main mechanism by which microbes produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Since the Neolithic period, people have employed fermentation to make foods and drinks.

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Answer 2
Answer: Fermentation always releases gases and it is usually CO2.  Please Mark Brainliest!!!

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