The process by which trees remove carbon from the air and store it in their biomass is known as:


Answer 1

Carbon sequestration is known as the process by which trees remove carbon from the air and store it in their biomass. Carbon is the central ingredient in making that new biomass. Tree biomass is comprised of all parts of the tree; leaves, stems, branches, roots, tree trunks.

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Besides a veterinary surgeon, what other veterinary specialist is most directly involved in animal surgery? A. Veterinary Toxicologist
B. Veterinary Radiologist
C. Veterinary Internist
D. Veterinary Anesthesiologist




Your Answer Here Would Be;

Answer D- Anesthesiologist.


Here; I'm Going To Break Down Your Options.

A is Incorrect.  

A Toxicologist Would Not Be Involved With This Situation. Toxicologists Study the Safety & Biological Effects of Drugs, Chemicals, Agents, & Other Substances on Living Organisms, Such as Animals or Humans. They Develop Methods to Determine Harmful Effects, & So On. A Toxicologist Would Not Be Testing On Someone's Pet Whilst Under Surgery & Anesthesia, Since It Could Put the Pet at Risk, Or Fully Kill Them. They Would Not Be Doing This Action Without Proper Consent From the Owner.

B is Incorrect.

A Radiologist Would Not Be Actively Involved With This Situation, However; They Would Be Involved, But Not Play a Main Role Within the Surgery. A Radiologist Simply Does X-Ray Images For The Pet, And Displays Them In front of the Pet Owner Before the Surgery, so the Owner Can Know What is Going to Be Worked On. The Image(s) May Be Used To Look at for Reference for the Surgical Procedure, Though, That Is Unlikely.

C is Also Incorrect.

Internal Medicine/General Internal Medicine, is the Medical Specialty Dealing With the Prevention, Diagnosis, & Overall Treatment of Adult Diseases. An Internist Would Not Be Involved Here, Either.

D is Correct Here.

A Veterinary Anesthesiologist Is Needed at All Times During a Surgery, to Monitor Anesthetic Levels. To Make Sure Nothing Goes Wrong, If the Dosage Is Too High or Too Low, If the Anesthesia Was Never Applied, Or If the Anesthetic Fully Wears Off During the Medical Procedure.


Hopefully I Helped You Here.

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Dark spot inside the nucleus that store the material for making ribososome


That would be the NUCLEOLUS

What is necessary for a eukaryotic RNA to be recognized and bound by the small subunit of the ribosome? a) Formation of the pre-initiation complex before ribosome binding.
b) Formation of the initiation complex before ribosome binding.
c) Sufficiently large 5' UTR for ribosome scanning.
d) Presence of 5' methyl-G cap on the mRNA.
e) Presence of an AUG start codon near the 5' end of the mRNA.



The correct answer will be option-C


Untranslated region or UTR is the regions of the mRNA which are not translated to proteins but plays an important role during translation.

The untranslated region is present on both the sides of the coding sequence that is at 5' end called 5' UTR or leader sequence and 3' UTR or trailer sequence.

The presence of 5' UTR is very important for transcription as the sequence of the UTR is recognized by the small subunit of the ribosome which allows the small subunit of the ribosome to initiate the process of translation.

Thus, Option-C is the correct answer.

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