How many years between Romes early days as a sleepy little settlement and its invasion in the 5th century CE?


Answer 1
Answer: It is about 200 years

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While waiting for her bus to depart the terminal, Georgia looks to the right and experiences the sensation that she is moving when it is the bus next to hers that has begun to move. This is an example of:___________


Answer: Induced motion

Explanation: Induced motion refers to a misconception of perceived movement or motion. It occurs in a visual field whereby a stationary or moving object is perceived to be moving differently due to moving objects in it's surrounding.

In the scenario above, we have an Induced movement with a stationary target, Georgia's bus being stationary is the target and the moving bus is the background.


Summarize the changes in the voting process that have occurred from the formation of the United States until present. Be sure to list specific changes and what made those changes happen.


Initially Only people who own land can vote and there was no federal voting standard—states decide who can vote and only 6% of the population were eligible to vote. Citizenship was only granted to white people,but voting was denied. The vote expanded to all white men in 1856. Former slaves were granted citizenship. Vote cannot be denied because of race, explicitly – so other discriminatory tactics used;  Women try to vote but were denied. Indigenous people cannot vote and people of Chinese ancestry were barred from naturalizing to become U.S. citizens. Assimilation and denial of ancestral heritage=Right to Vote, then Indigenous people were forced apply for citizenship. In 1912 Women lead voting rights marches and latterly the right to vote extended to women. Voting rights as civil rights ; in 1965 Grassroots movement forces change in law Voting Rights Act passed. It forbid states from imposing discriminatory restrictions on who can vote, and provided mechanisms for the federal government to enforce its provisions.; 1971 Voting age lowered to 18; 2000 Residents of U.S. colonies are citizens, but were not allowed to vote. And until the present day debate still circles of voting rights to felons.     

Satisfaction with leisure activities can improve cognitive functioning among the elderly.



This statement is true.


Being involved in leisure activities can have lots of beneficial values for the elderly since it helps them preserve and improve their cognitive functions by "working out" the brain constantly.

Elders tend to stop carrying out activities and tend towards stagnation in some cases. Satisfaction with leisure activities helps keep one's cognitive functions from deteriorating.


In three to five sentences, describe how a consumer can use a cost-benefit analysis to decide between buying a concert ticket or buying a new pair of jeans. Mention the steps involved in analyzing each choice and how this process results in a decision.



During a cost benefit analysis, a consumer take in view the worth of his money and what he values more.

Now in order to compare both options and decide, he should go through following steps,

  1. Compile lists: Make a list of all the cons and pros related to both the options covering all bases.
  2. Associate monetary value: Associate monetary values to both the options. For example what would be the benefit or lag if either of the options happen or don't happen.
  3. Set up the equation and compare: Compare the results of the above two steps and see which option has an overall high benefit rate.

This will allow the consumer to analyse both his options and chose the best one.

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