A clown bought 6 bags of round balloons with 24 balloons in each bag.The clown also bought 3 bags of long balloons with 36 balloons in each bag.The clown also bought 5 bags of heart-shaped balloons with 14 balloons in each bag.when the clown blew up all of the round, long,and heart-shaped balloons, 23 balloons burst.How many blow-up balloons were left?explain your answer.


Answer 1
Answer: 6*24+(3*36)+(5*14) -23= 299
Answer 2

Answer:: 299 blown-up balloons

Step-by-step explanation first I found

the number of heart-shaped balloons, 5 × 14 = 70. Next,

I added that number to the number of round balloons

and long balloons, 70 + 144 + 108 = 322 balloons

in all. Last, I subtracted the number of burst balloons,

so 322 – 23 = 299 balloons left.

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V Practice solving problems about equivalent ratios.
This table shows the ratio of cups of white paint to cups
of blue paint
White Paint
Blue Paint
This table shows equivalent ratios. Which ratio is
equivalent to 1 to 8?
O 7 to 14
O 7 to 9
O 6 to 41
O 6 to 48


Answer: 6 to 48

Step-by-step explanation:

1 x 6 = 6

8 x 6 = 48

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HELP!!!!!!!!! An advertising sales representative has sales totaling $4500. For these sales, the representative earns a commission of $360. Which proportion could be used to find the commission amount for sales totaling $15,000? A. 360/4500 = 15,000/x

B. 360/4500 = x/15,000

C. 4500/x=360/15,000

D. x/360=4500/15,000


The commission amount for sales totaling $15,000 is shown by

360/4500 = x/ 150000.

What is Proportion?

In general, the term "proportion" refers to a part, share, or amount that is compared to a total.

A mathematical comparison of two numbers is called a proportion. According to proportion, two sets of provided numbers are said to be directly proportional to one another if they increase or decrease in the same ratio. "::" or "=" are symbols used to indicate proportions.


An advertising sales representative has sales totaling $4500 and for these sales, the representative earns a commission of $360.

Therefore, the commission fraction will be:

= Commission / Sales

= 360 / 4500

= 36/450

= 6/75

and, the commission on $15000 will be:

= 6/75 × $15000

= $1200

Learn more about proportional here:


X/15,000 GG MLG DONE

How do you solve this system of linear equation by substitution



Finding x:
If y=2x+9, substitute y into the equation x-3y=-12.
You will get:  x-3(2x+9)=-12
Now, distribute:  x-6x-27=-12
Add like terms:  -5x-27=-12
Add 27 to both sides:  -5x=15
Divide both sides by -5:  x=-3

Now, substitute this value of x into the equation to find y:  y=2(-3)+9
Multiply:  y=-6+9
Add:  y=3

Here is the solution:  (x,y)=(-3,3)

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How can you use functions to model linear relationships?



a function is just a comparison between two quantities so when you go to plot the points, the input is x and the output is y.

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