The offspring produced between the mating of a tiger and a lion, a liger, which is unable to reproduce, is an example of which form of reproductive isolation? a. temporal isolation
b. behavior isolation
c. hybrid infertility
d. gametic isolation
e. hybrid inviability


Answer 1
Answer: c. hybrid infertility

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What began as a single fertilized egg has just separated into two distinct eggs. this indicates the formation of _____ twins that has occurred during the _____ period of development?


The above statement indicates the formation of monozygotic twins that has occurred during the blastocyst period of development.


When a single fertilized egg has just separated into two distinct eggs, it indicates the formation of monozygotic twins that has occurred during the blastocyst ( 2 celled) period of development  

Usually a female during the mensural cycle releases one egg from one of the fallopian tube, whereas 1% of the females release 2 eggs from the fallopian tubes causing the formation of dizygotic twins but if it is from a single egg then they are said to be mono-zygotic twins.


When a person sees a doctor about a respiratory illness, the doctor will want to determine if the sickness is in the upper respiratory tract or the lower respiratory tract. The starting point for the lower respiratory system is the trachea. Which structures are part of the upper respiratory system? Check all that apply. the larynx the bronchus the alveoli the lungs the pharynx the nose


The structures which are part of the upper respiratory system


  • The larynx
  • The pharynx
  • The nose

What is Respiratory system?

These are the structures which are found in the upper

respiratory tract of an organism.

They are usually lined with mucus and are responsible for

trapping external substances and protects the lower part of the

respiratory system.

Read more about Respiratory system here

The upper respiratory tract includes the larynx, the pharynx and the nose.

In fruit flies, the allele for vestigial wings is recessive to the allele for wild-type wings, and the allele for white eyes is recessive to the allele for red eyes. the gene controlling wing type is carried on an autosome, whereas the gene controlling eye color is carried on the x chromosome. a true-breeding female with wild-type wings and white eyes is crossed with a male with vestigial wings and red eyes. what proportion of the offspring are expected to be males with wild-type wings and white eyes? give your answer as a fraction or a decimal value from 0 to 1.


Low wings with red eyes -LR
Vestigial wings brown eyes - Lr
Red-eyed, the vestigial winged male is crossed with brown-eyed, long-winged female. Each parent is homozygous for the dominant alleles
llRR    LLrr
gametes LR   lr
F1 LlRr with only one genotype and ratio is 1
Long-winged red eyes phenotype its ratio is also 1
Each parent is heterozygote for the dominant alleles
llRr   llrr
gametes  lR lr Lr lrF1 LlRr  llRr  Llrr  llrr
then the genotype ratio is 1: 1: 1: 1

lr  lr


Both parents were heterozygous


Lets suppose N is the dominant and n is the recessive.

If both parents are heterozygous, they can create flies with vestigial and normal wings. The result of that is 25% NN, 50% Nn, and 25% nn. If you add up the flies that were vestigial and the flies that were normal, it would be 120. The male and female flies with vestigial wings add up to be 33, 33/120 is 27.5% which is a little over 25%.


this black dog has the genotype BB for its fur color. The black dog mates with a solid white dog has the genotype bb. what is the probability that this match will produce puppies that are also white



the probability of white puppies is 0% .




In a punnet square 25% would be BB 50% would be Bb and 25% would be bb. And since white is recessive(bb) and that is 25%.

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