In cell h5 enter a formula that will calculate the percentage of attendees tjat went ro altmonte speings job gair in 2018


Answer 1
Answer: Let the number of attendees who went to the job fain in 2018 be x.
Let the total number of attendees be y.

To find the percentage of attendees in 2018, we will divide the number of attendees in 2018 by the total number of attendees and then multiply the quotient by 100 to get the percentage.

Based on this, the formula would be as follows:
(x/y) * 100

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True or False? The steps in the production process vary according to the technological system under consideration.



Everything is going to have a diffrent process for how it will be produced

In the 1970s, what german automobile became the best-selling car in america?


In the 1970s, the German automobile that became the best-selling car in America was Volkswagen.
This car brand has always been quite popular even back then, but also today, and many people believe that Germans can produce amazing cars with great quality, which is why they still buy so many of them.

1. Write an LMC (Little Man Computer) program to do the following task. if (value == 0) { some_statements; } next_statement; 2. Write an LMC program to add three numbers. The numbers are provided in the in-basket. The sum of the numbers should appear in the out-basket.



The program is given below with appropriate comments for better understanding


1) LMC Program:

LDA A //Load A

SUB B //Subtract from A, B which is 0.

SKZ // skip next statement if A-B == 0 , which is A == 0 as B is zero.

JMP ENDIF // jump to ENDIF point if A not equal to 0, else this step is skipped.

OUT // some statement , not called if A != 0.

ENDIF LDA A // jump statement arrives here if A != 0.


2) LMC Program:

//input first number  


//store it at address 99

STA 99

//input second number


//add it to value at 99

ADD 99

//store the resulting sum to 99

STA 99

//input third number


//add the number to value at 99 address(which is the sum of first and second number)

ADD 99

//output sum





Why do computers need to periodically check the dns for websites you have already visited? enter your answer here?


The reason why computers has the need to periodically check for the DNS of websites that an individual has already visited because certain websites can change its IP address and that the individual using it can be directed to a different website that he or she does not know of.

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