Read the excerpt below and answer the question. I should have followed up my first inquiry, by asking in what way Miss Varens was connected with her; but I recollected it was not polite to ask too many questions: besides, I was sure to hear in time. (chapter 11)

Which of the following best describes how the use of “recollected” affects the meaning of this excerpt?

Jane's lack of formal education has left her unprepared to handle this situation.
Jane's curiousity is insatiable.
Jane's forgetfulness contributes to her awkwardness in social situations.
Jane's virtues have grown as a result of the influence of others during her time at Lowood.


Answer 1

Answer: D) Jane's virtues have grown as a result of the influence of others during her time at Lowood.

Explanation: In the given excerpt from "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte, we can see the description of the reaction of Jane, towards a specific situation, she was curious and wanted to ask in what way Miss Varens was connected to the woman, buy instead of following her instinct and go with her curiosity, she decided to not ask anything because she had learnt that it is not polite to ask too many question, so we can infer that Jane's virtues and education have grown as a result of the influence of others during her time at Lowood.

Answer 2
Answer: Jane's forgetfulness contributes to her awkwardness in social situations.

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How to write an essay about an usual hobby



3 Paragraph Samples for “My Hobby” Essay: Find Time to Enjoy Unusual Hobbies

All work without play makes Juan a dull boy.

A famous saying

University is a place that offers a wonderful adventure for everyone who risks to dive into this world of studying – going to lectures, taking exams, meeting new people, living on own. In fact, it is a good time that is full of new feelings, experiences and hobbies. But many students may feel they are too busy with assignments, research and other university courses find time for their hobbies.

Have you read a well-known adage given before an article? Read it to assure that balancing life between the studies and leisure activities is quite important not to become a ‘dull’ boy or girl. Find the following hobbies interesting to follow and write about in your essay.

1. Tree Shaping

Like spending your free time in the nature? We’ve found a very cool hobby for you. The greatest works of art can be produced with the help of living trees and other woody plants. Think about what artistic shapes or useful structures you could create, and start doing it. Then, you will have something to say in your hobby essay like:

“Once I started shaping, I stopped looking at trees as I had done before. I’ve started to notice some similarities in trees and people. For example, time has the same impact on a human being and a tree – scars naturally occur both. The creative process is aimed at cultivating a healthy tree from a design perspective. I want to have everything around visually appealing. Every day, I try to do my best on the way of perfection. The passion, the talent is that all that makes a master to pursue perfection in a craft.”

2. Toy Voyaging

Used to traveling? Why not plan a vacation for your favourite toy? There is a site, ToyVoyagers.com, where you can send a toy voyaging or host someone else’s toy. Sounds strange? Who knows – maybe, Leonardo DiCaprio’s tiny plastic action figures will arrive to you? See 10 Celebrity Hobbies That Might Surprise You. In addition, you’ll have what to say in your hobby essay. For example:

“I know, in my mid-20s, I should forget about toys. But I consider my teddy bear shouldn’t be left in the dust. Our planet is so huge that I don’t believe that I will manage to visit every part of it. So, today my toy has traveled around the world. Besides, this hobby helps me to get in touch with people who have hosted my toy. So, I have more chances to come to a country, where my toy was, and have less problems with accomodation, communication and so on.”

3. Geocaching

Always dream about a treasure? It’s time to start treasure hunting. In the modern world it becomes more entertaining by using technology. Just turn on your smartphone or GPS, and register at Geocahing.com to start exploring the world to have something interesting to say in your hobby essay. For example:

“Geocaching is a good adventure for those don’t want to sit at home. I started discovering amazing and beautiful places in my town, then started traveling around the globe. I find the caches of different sizes and shapes. They can be full of different objects – from Lego men to skulls. To find the correct coordinates, I need to solve different puzzles. I never know what place I will reach. It is funny and challenging at the same time. This hobby broadens my outlook and I’m ready to spend my free time on exploring this world.”

You’re highly recommended to find a hobby you love. It should be like food for your soul. You can play a team sport, learn to cook, to be a volunteer, but once you’ll need to write a hobby essay. Find the most creative activity to present in your essay. According to the study, creative hobbies help people to perform at a high level.

Our academic writers help students to successfully accomplish written assignments so that more time is left on their hobbies. Apply our custom paper writing service so that no question like “What to say in my hobby essay?” will enter your head.



Define formal writing


Formal writing is a style of writing in which one writes in an objective, impersonal, and a precise way, and it is typically used for business correspondence or academic writing.

Select the questions below that would lead to a well–focused Interview. a
What led you to start playing guitar at age five?
How did your teachers and parents motivate you to practice?
What other instruments do you play besides the guitar?
How was your life as a young musician different from the lives of other kids at school?
How did you deal with all the fans and attention at such a young age?


All of these seem to be focused, but the best one to get a good feel for the type of person the interviewee is, you should go for the first, second, and last questions.

Which option is a correct sentence and has the same meaning as the preceding sentence? Marco has never been to the ocean.

A.)Marco hasn’t never been to the ocean.

B.)Marco has been to the ocean.

C.)Marco hasn’t not been to the ocean.

D.)Marco hasn’t ever been to the ocean.


Marco hasn't ever been to the ocean
The answer would be D. 
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