when the president has traveled out of the country in order to strengthen the trading bonds with japan,this is know as___. a.vacation b.judicial review c.diplomatic relations d.statutory construction


Answer 1
Answer: When the president has traveled out of the country in order to strengthen the trading bonds with Japan, this is known as diplomatic relations. 
Answer 2
Answer: Answer is C) Diplomatic relations.

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What area of economics focuses on the interactions between individual consumers and producers? aggregates macroeconomics microeconomics markets


Answer: Microeconomics.

Microeconomics is the area of economics that focuses on the interactions between individuals and producers. It studies the implications of human action, and how those actions affcet the utilization and distribution of resources. It also studies how individuals make economic decisions and cooperate with one another.





What is one result of increased interconnection among financial markets? A. Global competition has decreased.

B. The influence of multinational corporations is more limited.

C. Migration to developing nations has increased.

D. Economic problems in one nation spread to other nations.


The answer is D. economic problems in one nation spread to other nations.

The correct answer is Economic problems in one nation spread to other nations.


As president, John Tyler: A. engaged in a public feud with his vice president that led to the latter’s resignation.
B. appointed Roger Taney to the office of chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
C. proved so popular that he easily won the 1844 presidential election.
D. vetoed a bill to create a new national bank, thus angering Whigs.
E. worked hard to enact the Whig economic program.



The correct answer is D. As president, John Tyler vetoed a bill to create a new national bank, thus angering Whigs.


John Tyler assumed office after the sudden death of President William Henry Harrison. He did not know how to be consistent with the ideals of his party (the Whig Party), since he was raised in the aristocratic environment of Virginia. He did not promote any of the campaign reforms and his southern attitude contributed to the regionalist and secessionist sentiment of the slave states. This attitude brought him closer to the Democratic Party, refusing to relaunch a third National Bank and not preventing the rise in customs tariffs.

Annoyed by the image of interim president that his own party assigned him, Tyler began his term facing Whig leaders for his rejection of the National Bank. His stubbornness on this issue, probably motivated by his desire to reaffirm his authority against his party, led to the block resignation of his entire cabinet, which he had inherited from Harrison, with the sole exception of Secretary of State Daniel Webster. Although his veto to the National Bank diluted any possibility of restitution of the relations with the Whig Party, Tyler himself was also harmed by this crisis as he lost political support.


Newspaper headlines attracted people to the West. Advertisements promised great opportunities. Some American folk songs, like "Clementine," however, gave a more real idea of the journey and life there. Imagine you live in either California or Oregon in 1862. Your advertisement may be:
song lyrics
text for a newspaper advertisement
Write your song or advertisement. Include this information:

why people should go
where they should go
how to get there
what to bring
what life will be like
who they may meet
possible dangers
You should be creative in your advertisement, but also honest. Review this learning object for help creating a persuasive argument. Even though these tips are designed for a written argument, the same ideas apply to other kinds of communication, like commercials, songs, and speeches



Song title: Judy goes to California


Body: California, tones for Tonia, no dystonia.

This is one place nobody wants to die without seeing, waves at sea, fleas at peace.

Just a little piggy bag, Judy sets for Cali.

The crimson sun stares, Dolphins aren't spared.

Ever seen Californication, plenty things to see.

You don't need so much money, but you get so much honey.

Bunny, Judy's mum also came with Sunny.

This is why we love Cali, Cali, lovely California.

I love the tepid waters, nothing like my California.

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