What economic activity did the Jews engage in during the Middle Ages


Answer 1
Answer: Being a moneylender and sometimes kings would pay them back or kings would make laws that christians dont have to pay them back and jews could be kicked out of the kingdom.

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In what way did the Immigration Act of 1924 challenge the concept of religious freedom? A. The act attempted to deport all Chinese people from the U.S. to rid the U.S. of Buddhism.

B.The act attempted to prevent any non-Christian people from entering the U.S.

C.The act served to limit the number of non-Protestant Christians entering the U.S.

D.The act served to increase the number of immigrants into the U.S. who did not believe in Christ.



Option B


The act attempted to prevent any non- christian people from entering the U.S , is the right answer.

The First restrictive immigration law was passed in 1917, in which migrants were required to show basic reading comprehension before entering US and  had to pay more taxes.

In 1924 another immigration act was passed which was also known as Johnson- Reed act. It included the provisions to exclude the migrants of a certain race, region, and nationality from entering the US, especially those of Asian origin including the Japanese who were earlier allowed to migrate. In 1924 congressional debates on the issue of immigration and quota system was widely discussed. The decision to lower the exiting quota of migrants based on the 1910 census.

The Immigration Act of 1924 (The Johnson-Reed Act) The Immigration Act of 1924limited the number of immigrants allowed entry into the United States through a national origins quota. ... In 1917, the U.S. Congress enacted the first widely restrictive immigration law.

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What was one effect of the columbian exchange


New fruits and vegetables are introduced to the Old World, such as corn and tomatoes
It impacted the social and cultural makeup of both sides of the Atlantic.

Which of the following eras saw the rise of more organized religion and the construction of huge stone monuments called megaliths? A.
Iron Age
Bronze Age
Paleolithic Era
Neolithic Era


The neolithic Era saw the rise of more organized religion and the construction of huge stone monuments called megaliths.

What is the Neolithic Era?

The final division of something like the Stone Age is known as the Neolithic period, often known as the New Stone Age. It witnessed the Neolithic Revolution, a broad range of changes that seem to have occurred independently in many parts of the world.

The beginning of a settled human lifestyle is what defines the Neolithic era, often known as the New Stone Age. Instead of only relying on hunting and gathering for sustenance, people learned to grow plants and domesticate animals.

Stone tools formed by polishing or grinding, reliance on domesticated plants or animals, settlement within permanent settlements and the emergence of crafts like weaving and ceramics were its defining features.

Approximately 6000 years ago, from 4300 BC to 2000 BC, was the Neolithic Era. Neolithic, which translates as "New Stone," is why this time period is also known as the New Stone Age.

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D. Neolithic Era



The Supreme Court case United States v. Nixon led to A. gaining executive privilege
B. limits to executive privilege
C. Nixon keeping the tapes private
D. Nixon losing his re-election


Limits to executive privilege i believe

Limits to executive privilege

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