What kind of radio isn't regulated by the federal communication commission?


Answer 1
Answer: The answer would be satellite radio. The FCC does regulate satellite radios to a certain extent with regard to the technical aspects of the machinery. However, they cannot regulate the content that is provided through the satellite radio although there have been attempts to do this in the past. 

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Xin Co., had 3,000 units of work in process on April 1 that were 60% complete. During April, 10,000 units were completed and as of April 30, 4,000 units that were 40% complete remained in production. How many units were started during April? (A) 8,600.
(B) 9,800.
(C) 11,000.
(D) 12,200.
(E) None of the answers is correct.


10,000 units(none of the above answers) were started during April.

The units were :

Beginning work-in-progress =3,000

Units started                            = 11,000

Ending Work-in-progress       = (4,000)



UNITS COMPLETEED           = 10,000 UNITS

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How do contact lists differ from and address book


Contact lists contain more information about a person than an address book.


apex approved : contact lists contain more information about a person than an address book


Lyra needs a new car urgently. She can sell her old car but will still need additional money from whatever she saves. Because she doesn’t have a regular source of income, she is not really aware of how much she earns or spends every month. Which procedure will help her find out about her earnings and expenditure? A. seek help from a finance expert
B. try and look for a source of income that’s more regular
C. maintain and refer to income and expense statements
D. get her paychecks verified by a finance expert


Liyra should "maintain and refer to income and expense statements" , it will help her find out about her earnings and expenditure.


Salaries and Wages as Expenses on Income Statement

The salaries and wages of non-production workers (e.g. sales and general management) are part of the expenditures reported on the company's statement of revenue. The expenses are not included. Under the accrual accounting method, the sums are recorded during the time of accounting for the wages and salaries of the workers.

According to the accrual accounting method, the Salaries Expense account records the wages paid by workers over the duration specified in the income statement section, whether or not the organization has yet been paying the employees.


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extabet enterprises donates a certain percentage of their profit to local charities, but it does not comply with all the legal industy standards of operating in a safe working envionment. this depicts cororate social responsibility (CSR) a. true b. false





This does not depict corporate social responsibility because, for a company to practice corporate social responsibility, it must operate in ways that will impact the environment positively.

Therefore, in the case of the question above, the fact that the company donates to charity does not mean the company can operate in ways that will be harmful to the environment.

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