A line passes through the point (-6, 6) and (-6, 2). In two or more complete sentences, explain why it is not possible to write the equation of the given line in the traditional version of the point-slope form of a line.


Answer 1
Answer: The point slope form of a line requires a line to be a function. In order to be a function, the line must have exactly 1 y value for 1 x value. Since the x value -6 has two possible y values, it is not possible to use point-slope form.

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An object with a mass of 120 kilograms is moving at a velocity of 60 m/s. What is its momentum? A. 2 kg-m/s B. 0.5 kg-m/s C. 7,200 kg-m/s D. 3,600 kg-m/s


The momentum is 7200 kg-m/s.

What is a Momentum?
  • It is a product of mass and velocity.
  • It is a vector quantity with both direction and magnitude.

Given: An object

Mass = 120 kg

Velocity = 60 m/s

We have to find the momentum of an object.

We know, momentum is given by:

⇒ Momentum = Mass × Velocity

⇒ Momentum = 120 × 60

⇒ Momentum = 7200 kg-m/s

Therefore, the momentum of an object is 7200 kg-m/s.

Hence, option (C) is correct.

Learn more about the Momentum here:



The correct answer is C) 7,200.

Step-by-step explanation:

In order to find the answer for this, start by using the formula for momentum.

Mo = M*V

Mo = 120 * 60

Mo = 7,200


in a survey 46 people, which was 20% of those surveyed, chose red as their favorite color. How many people were surveyed?


ok well you find the answer you divide 46 by 0.20 and you come out with the answer 9.2 and you round down to 9


(1) The roots of 3x - 5 = 7 is x = 4​



it's right

Step-by-step explanation:

3x - 5 = 7

3x = 7 + 5

3x = 12

x = 12/3

x = 4


What is six less than seven times a number is equal to -20​



i know half kinda 1 times something is -20 sorry for not answering the whole thing

Answer: X = -20

reason being is because you subtract 6 from 7 then you get 1 and you multiply 1 by X equaling X. Then you have your answer X is equal to -20.


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