Why should writers take a break between writing the first draft and revising?


Answer 1
Answer: They have to think and look how they can do better

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The exquisite old painting hanging slightly crooked over the mantelpiece commanded our attention. Which part of the sentence is a prepositional phrase?

exquisite old painting
hanging slightly crooked
over the mantelpiece
commanded our attention


The prepositional phrase:  "over the mantelpiece"

A prepositional phrase is a modifying phrase which includes a preposition (in this case, "over") and the object of the preposition (in this case, "the mantelpiece.")

Prepositions are words like "in, on, over, at, beside," etc, which then precede a noun.  They are in "pre-position" in front of a noun, you might say (thus the term "preposition.")   Long ago, the English language used to use inflected nouns (as a number of other languages do) to indicate things that we now accomplish through the use of prepositions.  The time of transition between Old English (up to about AD 1150) and Middle English (from 12th to 15th centuries) is when prepositions became common in English usage.

Over the mantelpiece is the prepositional phrase. A preposition describes where something is in relation to something else, (e.g. over, around, on, at... etc.) and the prepositional phrase includes what noun it's in relation to.

n honor of National Play-Doh Day, our family will construct a Play-doh snowman family in the front yard. What is the form of the underlined verb?


The final answer will be 'indicative'. 

Which sentence is punctuated correctly? A. "Are there any cars coming"? Asked Quincy, nearing the corner. B. Hector interrupted, "You're going too fast!" C. Quincy replied "Don't worry, I see it." D. "Move back from the curb" shouted Megan!


B. Hector interrupted, "You're going too fast!".
I also think B is the correct answer because the other ones just don't make any sense, besides that they are all incorrect. Hope this helps ; )

What is a synonym for strangle?
a. eat
b. choke
c. punch
d. sleep


B. choke

This is because the action of choking someone is strangling someone.

This is the closest synonym for strangle.

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