How could Boccaccio's explanation lead to distrust of religious authorities?


Answer 1
Answer: Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) is an Italian author known for his thoughts on Decameron. His art is known for using the Italian dialect as well as Latin. His 1348 work on Decameron was the major turning point of his career as it centers the the story of  seven young ladies and three couples who lived their life freely without the touch of religion.

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In which country in asia did the french and the british fight each other?


India is the best single example. During the Seven Years' War, France suffered heavy losses in India as part of a greater conflict between all the major nations at the time. France lost all their settlements and garrisons, leading to a virtual takeover by the British and rule over the country and subcontinent.

What was similar and different about the elections that brought defeat to the ruling governments in the Philippines and in Burma?


Both of the governments had an election where the losing side didn't acknowledge nor accept the winner. The biggest difference here is that in the Philippines, they managed to remove Ferdinand Marcos from the country, but in Myanmar/Burma, the winner party was not handled the power and the most important political figure, Suu Kyi, was placed under house arrest.

In both elections, the winners were rejected by the governments. Burma, though, has never accepted Democracy.


which statement best describes the Republican form of government that the founding fathers envisioned


Democracy. because they were mostly democratic

Which of these was a result of the Peloponnesian War? A. Athens was seriously weakened and lost its military might.
B. Athens gained political power and spread Hellenistic culture.
C. Athens overthrew Sparta and attempted to unite the city-states.
D. The Greek city-states were able to unify under Spartan rule.



The answer is A


Answer: A

Explanation: The Peloponnesian War lasted for almost 27 years. Even through the war ended with the 421 Truce, the Spartans won. During the war farmers and citizens who lived outside the city of Athens flocked inside for protection from the Spartans. The city had not prepared for this type of overcrowding which caused shortage of food and clean water. There was also a lack of cleanliness. Athens was unable to get rid of all the waste that the mass of people was creating. This created dieases.  A unknown plague hit the city killing many Athenians which weakens their popultation and this allowed Spartans to win.

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