How is the process of thinking chronologically similar to that of creating a timeline


Answer 1
Answer: When you think of chronologically, it is like thinking of "first, next, then, last" this is the same as a timeline.

a timeline is basically a way to show us what happened over the years, there are the beginnings, middle, and end to pretty much everything

hope this helps

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The Compromise of 1877 resulted in the withdrawal of federal troops from the South A apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives by state population B the implementation of the first income tax C government subsidies for American Indians who agreed to submit to reservation life D the establishment of stricter regulations on immigration



The withdrawal of federal troops from the South, is the right answer.


An informal compromise between the allies of the Republican Rutherford Hayes and the southern Democrats to settle the outcome of the presidential election of 1876 and put an end to the  Reconstruction era, came to be known as the Compromise of 1877. For keeping the terms of the Compromise the federal government of the United States called off the last troops out of the South.


Which country received most of South America by the Line of Demarcation?


Spain is your answer


The Federal Reserve institutes a tight monetary policy in order to reign in inflation. What is a likely consequence of such action? A) The stock market will crash.
B) The unemployment rate will rise.
C) The unemployment rate will fall.
D) The stock market will experience a boom.


The correct option is B

Federal Reserve System, also known as the Federal Reserve or informally Fed is the central bank of the United States. It is an autonomous and private entity that controls the organizational structure in which a government agency, known as the Board of Governors, based in Washington DC participates. Thus, some consider this as the public aspect of the system and the 12 Reserve Banks of all the country, the private aspect. It is in charge of guarding part of the reserves of the "member banks" of the United States: the federal ones, and the associated state voluntarily.

The answer to your question is b

Public hospitals have declined in the united states since the mid-1990s.
a. True
b. False


Public hospitals have declined in the united states since the mid-1990s: True


In united States, Public healthcare institutions are owned and financed by the  mixture of federal, state, local, and private sources of a nation.

Health systems comprises of public health services and medical care. The intention of these hospitals were to offer free health check up to the poor population.

Barriers and multiple changes in the healthcare system caused inferior health care, health status and resulted premature death. With the establishment of different private hospitals and the challenges faced has reduced public hospitals in the last few years.

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