Define a formula to express the volume of a cube v in terms of its surface area s


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Answer: In geometry, a cub is a three-dimensional figure that has equal areas of bases and faces in the shape of a square. The volume of a cube is equal to the cube of its side length. Since a square has an equal side, let's denote that as x, the equation for volume is s³. Surface area on the other hand, is the total area of all the bases and faces of the cube. In a cube, there are 2 bases, one on top and the other on the bottom, and 4 faces as the sides. Since the area of a square is s², the total surface area is then 6s².

So, if we want to equate the volume of the cube in terms of its surface area, we have to find a way to manipulate the equation so that it would simplify to s³. There are multiple ways of doing this. But for me, that would be

V = (1/6)Ss, where S is the surface area and s is the side length of the square.

If you simplify this,

V = (1/6)(6s²)(s) = s³

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