A dresser contains six pairs of shorts one each in the colors, red, black, blue, green, khaki, and gray. The dresser also contains four shirts one each in the colors black, navy, red, gray. Melanie has to get dressed in the dark, so she grabs A pair of shorts and a T-shirt at random. What is the probability that she selects a green pair shorts and a gray T-shirt? (First of all, Melanie, you should really get a lamp. And second why is it you own more shorts than shirts?)


Answer 1
Answer: Answer: 1/24


Work Shown:

A = selects green pair of shorts
B = selects gray t-shirt

P(A) = probability of selecting green shorts
P(A) = (number of green shorts)/(number of shorts total)
P(A) = 1/6
P(B) = probability of selecting gray t-shirt
P(B) = (number of gray t-shirts)/(number of t-shirts total)
P(B) = 1/4

P(A and B) = probability of selecting green shorts AND gray t-shirt
P(A and B) = P(A)*P(B) ... since A and B are independent events
P(A and B) = (1/6)*(1/4)
P(A and B) = (1*1)/(6*4)
P(A and B) = 1/24

Note: The fraction 1/24 is approximately equal to 0.041667

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I WILL GIVE YOU BOUNUS POINTS Darcy harvests 8 3/4 of corn every 5/6 of an hour. Darcy harvest corn at a constant rate. How many acres does she harvest per hour???!!!



10 1/2, simplified is 10.5

Step-by-step explanation:

8 3/4 ÷ 5 = 1 3/4

1 3/4 x 6 = 10 1/2

This means Darcy is harvesting 10.5 acres of corn per hour.  


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3y^-4 and 2y^-4

Product of 3y^-4 and 2y^-4

i.e 3y^-4 * 2y^-4

or 3*2*y^(-4-4)

or 6y^-8

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there are 720 meal possibilities.

Need help with square roots​



the opposite of squares

Step-by-step explanation:

for example, 5 squared is 25, the sqaure root of 25 is 5

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