Who can approve the realignment of funds between activities that are below the level of control for that appropriation category and that does not require a reprogramming action?


Answer 1
Answer: THE PROGRAM MANAGER will approve the realignment. The program manager is able to approve this realignment because a reprogramming action is not required. If a reprogramming action is required, that meas the change will be substantial, in this case the program manager will not be qualified to approve the realignment. 

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​Calligraph Publishing Company has created a system for storing every piece of data about every one of its books, both those that have already published and those that are still in production. The production team can input and access information about each book's format, editors can specify which procedures are in use, salespeople can input and access information about each book's sales history and availability, and even some external partners are allowed to access some data. This is an example of a(n) __________.



Knowledge management system


Knowledge management system -

It is the system for the application and usage of the principles of the knowledge management.  

It includes - business intelligence analysis , a competitive business model , data-driven objectives around business productivity , etc .

It is composed of different software modules , which are served by the interface of a central user .  

Hence , the example shown in the question , is of Knowledge management system .


Assuming labor is a variable input, an increase in labor productivity will result in


The answer to this question is A downward shift in the MC curve.
If the labor productivity is increased, it means that the employees are able to produce more effort without additional cost.
Which means, the total cost of product that arrived for consumers could be significantly lower.

Nolan owns 100% of the capital stock of both Twill Corp. and Webb Corp. Twill purchases merchandise inventory from Webb at 140% of Webb’s cost. During year 2, merchandise that cost Webb $40,000 was sold to Twill. Twill sold all of this merchandise to unrelated customers for $81,200 during year 2. In preparing combined financial statements for year 2, Nolan’s bookkeeper disregarded the common ownership of Twill and Webb. By what amount was unadjusted revenue overstated in the combined income statement for year 2?A. $16,000B. $81,200C. $40,000D. $56,000


Answer: $56,000 is  unadjusted revenue overstated in the combined income statement for year 2.


Consolidated Cost of Goods Sold  = $40,000,

However, Twill realizes $56,000 ($40,000 × 140%) for a total of $96,000 as the cost of goods sold.

Thus,  $56,000[$96,000 – $40,000] should be eliminated from Cost of Goods Sold in the combined income statement for year 2.


To retain its edge in the organic health food market, Natura has established a high-priority team comprised of senior executives from the company's production, marketing, and research divisions. These employees work together closely to study consumer attitudes about organic health foods and come up with a closely monitored development and marketing strategy for new products. This ensures that each division is informed of the specific needs, timelines, and expected outcomes of the strategy. It also makes Natura a company that adapts to changes in market trends swiftly. The team Natura uses here is of the ________ type.A) problem-solvingB) self-managed workC) cross-functionalD) traditionalE) departmental





It is a team composed of people with different skills necessary to complete the work.

A cross-functional device is one that:

   As a whole it is self-sufficient.

   He has the knowledge and skills necessary to build the part of the product that corresponds to him.

   Each member's specialty can be complemented by some other team member.

In a multifunctional development team, speed and productivity are triggered because, not depending so much on other people to do the job, request information, resources or requests from different managers, much time is saved in the process.

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