Why is economic equity hard to achieve in a free market economy


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Answer: Because there is more than one owed corporation or business which amounts owed on it's mortgages,claims,liens,ect can effect the achievement by the desire and constant change of the consumer's  wants.

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After World War I, how did the US economy compare to that of Germany? A. The US economy was stronger.

B. The German economy was stronger.

C. Both economies were about equal.

D. Both economies shifted up and down.




A or D


Answer: A - The US economy was stronger.


After World War I, the US economy was stronger to that of Germany. Right after the world War I, the economy in the USA increased. Construction was the major portion on which the economy of the United States relied right after the World WarI.


Which was a significant achievement made by ancient Greece


A significant achievement made by ancient Greece was the development of symmetry and balance in architecture.

Further Explanations:

Architectures of ancient Greece can be illustrated by its highly consistent features in both decoration and structure. It can be seen as the temples having buildings conceived as the sculptural entity within the landscape. The architecture even had its influence in recent days. Information about its architecture has been kept since the era of Renaissance and revival of classicism. They give information about the precise form of Greek architecture and their concept of architectural beauty based on the thesis of balance and proportion.

Greek also left a deep impact on the art of the world. Greek Drama was the theatrical culture prevalent in ancient Greece during 700 BC. City of Athens showed the most remarkable ethnic growth. Tragedy, comedy and satyr play were three prevalent categories of plays of that era. They cherished the potentiality of Spoken words and made it their chief approach for communication and storytelling.

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The world's first democratic system was founded in Athens.

An assembly integrated by citizens was created to discuss issues and policies for the city in 621 BC. Everybody had the right to attend the discussions but members of lowers social classes could not address the assembly or run for its ruling positions. The assembly became, in practice, the mechanism of goverment. It was actually a direct democracy were everybody could directly participate, instead of electing representatives.

Nowadays, developed countries are governed by democracies which have been developed from the original Greek system.


Was Dracula a real person?


Dracula is a fictional character from a novel by Bram Stoker.

It is argued that Dracula might have had a real-life inspiration, such as Vlad the Impaler, who was also called Dracula, after his father Dracul (dragon).

Answer: no he was in the show teenage mutant ninja turtles



PLZ HELP IM SO LOST Which of the following supports the statement “I treat my workers like I treat my machines”?

Machines and people cost lots of money so both must be respected.
If the person cannot perform the job on the machine then they are fired.
If the machine or person cannot do the job then they are replaced.
The person needs to learn to operate the machines.


If the machine or person cannot do the job then they are replaced.

the answer is the third one

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