Using this table, which group of people would have been MOST LIKELY to relocate to the West coast of the United States in the 1870's for which purpose? A)

Germans seeking farm land


Irish seeking factory jobs


Chinese seeking railroad jobs


Italians seeking gold mining.


Answer 1
Answer: It would have been more likely for c)Chinese seeking railroad jobs to move to the West Coast. This was due to many rural Chinese men looking for a better life and to escape the Chinese Civil War. Since the West Coast was the closest, they would cross the Pacific Ocean and work on the railroads in California along the most Western part of the United States.

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What is the office of space science and applications most likely responsible for?​


Answer: In many ways space science contributed to the realization of important space applications-which may be defined as the use of space knowledge and techniques to attain practical objectives. Indeed, at the start of the program numerous potential applications required much advance research, including some space science, before their development could begin. Moreover, to many persons the development of applications appeared as the ultimate payoff of investments in the space program. Although the scientists would probably not have put it so strongly, nevertheless they could appreciate that point of view. As a consequence space scientists often pointed to potential applications of their work as one of the justifications for giving strong support to science in the space program.

Yet, in pointing to ultimate applications as one of the benefits to expect from their research, the scientists encountered a strange paradox. Although not appreciated for most of the 1960s, it finally became clear that in many respects applications-the "bread-and-butter work" of the space program-found it more difficult to gain support, especially on the executive side of government, than did space science.


Explain how the Interstate Commerce Act helped farmers in the U.S.


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The Commerce Act forbade discrimination against smaller markets, and since they were a part of smaller markets, this favored the farmers. Farmers were also able to transport their produce at reasonable rates.

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The Indian National Congress was created in _________, and the Muslim League was created in _________. a. 1803 / 1887
b. 1858 / 1919
c. 1885 / 1906
d. 1900 / 1922


The answer is C. 1885/1906 
The Indian National Congress was created in 1885, and the Muslim League was created in 1906.

In April of 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. had come to Memphis to speak in support of women’s rights.
a labor strike.
a local candidate.
education programs.



He came to speak about The Labor strike


b. The Labor strike is the correct answer

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