Which natural methods remove CO2 from the atmosphere? a.respiration of living organismsphotosynthesis by plants
b.evaporation of ocean water
c.absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere by ocean water
d.melting of glacial ice


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is A. Respiration of living organisms photosynthesis by plants
Answer 2

Answer: The answer is A

Explanation: Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide naturally — and trees are especially good at storing carbon removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis

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Which of these is the BEST example of cultural diffusion? A) a world film awards show
B) an international film festival
C) a blues music festival in New York
D) a Disney movie dubbed over in Japanese


B) an international film festival    

Cultural Diffusion is expanding the concepts or ideas of one culture to another. The cultural diffusion is the concept which is known for the spreading of social beliefs and cultural movements from one group of people to another or from one country to another. Cultural diffusion has resulted positively in the mixing of world cultures through various ethnicity, spirituality, and countries and also helped in developing excellent communication, shipping, and technology. It has also encouraged in strengthening the country's international relations over the past decades.

b is your answer not 100 percent but maybe


What does not happen near a subduction zone? a. Seafloor spreading occurs.
b. Deep-sea trenches are found.
c. Oceanic crust moves under continental crust.
d. Volcanic mountain ranges might be formed nearby.


A.) seafloor spreading occurs

Which one of these words (ocean, canyon, plateau, mountain) goes with desert, rainforest, and ravine?


Desert, rainforest, and rain are places that can have its own weather conditions and are not elevated highly from the ground.  Desert for instance is usually a hot place since it doesn’t have anything to shield the sun rays. Rainforests also can have its own weather because of the surrounding plants and trees, and also ravine, which is usually the same as canyon but narrower. So the answer would be plateau.


Prior to WWII, before the invasion by the Japanese army, China was in a civil war between... A. Chinese communists and the American army.

B. Chinese nationalists and Chinese communists.

C. Those supporting the emperor of China against a Chinese dictatorship.

D. Japan and China.


The Chinese republic (nationalist) and the Chinese communists, 
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