What is the effect of food color in the amount of food fish eat


Answer 1
Answer: Color means nothing. Fish eat and taste the food

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What methods would the body use to provide a person with energy throughout a race?


Answer and explanation;

-The body has several different ways of providing energy during exercise. Depending on the intensity and/or duration of activity, the body can provide energy through aerobic or anaerobic metabolism.

-The three energy systems that may be involved are;

  • the ATP-PC System; ATP and creatine phosphate levels working together form the phosphagen system. (immediate energy),
  • the Glycolytic system (short term energy), and
  • the Oxidative system (long term energy).

Each has a specific means of providing energy dependent on the body’s requirements.


For the first 3 seconds, the muscle cells use the ATP they have within them. For the next 8-10 seconds, the muscles use creatine phosphate stores to provide ATP. For the next 90 seconds, the body uses anaerobic respiration to provide ATP. For the remainder of the race, the body uses aerobic respiration to provide ATP.


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List five examples of combustion in everyday life



#1 Burning of wood or coal to heat your home. #2 Burning of petrol or diesel to run your car. #3 Combustion of natural gas or LPG to cook for on your stovetop. #4 For the production of energy in thermal power plants. #5 Fireworks


If a wave traveling through air decreases its wavelength by half, describe what happens to the wave speed and frequency.


The frequency, the speed and the wavelength of a wave are related by the following equation:
f is the frequency
is the wavelength
v is the wave speed

The speed of the wave does depend only on the properties of the medium, so since the wave is still traveling in air, the medium has not changed and therefore the speed remains the same. We see instead from eq.(1) that the frequency is inversely proportional to the wavelength, so if the wavelength is decreased by half, we see that the frequency will double.

Which describes a high frequency wave? A.
a wave with a low level of energy and a high pitch

few wavelengths pass a given point in one second

a wave with a high level of energy and a low pitch

many wavelengths pass a given point in one second


I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is option A. A high frequency wave is a wave with a low level of energy and a high pitch. Frequency is the number of waves passing per second of time. Hope this answers the question. 
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