How is cpu speed calculated clock multiplier?


Answer 1
Answer: The CPU clock speed and the core speed are the same. If the core speed is 2191.2, then the CPU clock speed is 2.19GHz.

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Assume that you have been hired by a small veterinary practice to help them prepare a contingency planning document. The practice has a small LAN with four computers and Internet access. 1. Prepare a list of threat categories and the associated business impact for each.
2. Identify preventive measures for each type of threat category.
3. Include at least one major disaster in the plan.



Answer explained below


Given: The information provided is given as follows:

  • There is a small veterinary practice which includes the services like office visits, surgery, hospitalization and boarding.
  • The clinic only has a small LAN, four computers and internet access.
  • The clinic only accepts cats and dogs.
  • Hurricanes are the major threatening factor in the geographical region where the clinic is located.
  • The clinic is established in a one-story building with no windows and meet all the codes related to hurricanes.
  • As public shelters do not allow animals to stay when there is a possibility of hurricanes, therefore the clinic does not accept animals for boarding during that time

Contingency planning documents for the tasks given is as follows:

  1. Threat category along with their business impact:
  • Hurricane: It is given that the region where the clinic is located is highly threatened by hurricanes. This type of disaster can affect the life of the employees as well as patients present in the building. Also, in case of a strong hurricane, the building can also be damaged.
  • Preventive measures: Separate shelters can be installed for animals in case of emergency.

  • Fire: In case of fire due to malfunctioning of any electrical equipment or any other reason, there is no window or emergency exit available. It can damage the building and the life of the employees and animals will be in danger.
  • Preventive measures: Services should be provided to all the electrical equipment’s from time to time and emergency exits should be constructed so that there is a way to get out of the building in case the main entrance is blocked due to any reason in the time of emergency.

  • Viral Influenza: If an employee or animal is suffering from any serious viral disease. That viral infection can easily spread to others and make other animals as well as employees sick. If the employees working in the clinic are sick. This will highly affect the efficiency of them which will then affect the business.
  • Preventive measures: This can be avoided by giving necessary vaccines to the employees from time to time and taking care of the hygiene of the patient as well as the clinic which will make the chance of infection to spread low.

  • Flood: In case of a flood like situation, as given the building has only one story and there is no emergency exit for employees and animals to escape. This can put the life of the employees and animals in danger and can affect the working of the clinic as well.
  • Preventive measures: This can be prevented by collecting funds and increasing the story’s in the building or constructing alternate site location so that in case of emergency, the animals or employees can be shifted to other locations.

3. A hyperlink is important because it allows you to ___________. (1 point) click on the link to go directly to a website insert an image directly from a website insert sound directly from a website click on the link to go directly to publisher information


A hyperlink is a link that can direct a person to another website when clicked. So the answer would click on the link to go directly to a website. To insert an image or sound you would use something else. And a hyperlink doesn't restrict a person to just the publisher information. I hope this helps!

How do I write a program in Pascal that finds the index of the minimum number of an array(using Function) and replaces it to a number inputted from the keyboard ?(Input and output of the array is a Procedure).



program arraysminfinder;

procedure minreplace();


no: array [1..10] of integer;  (*no is an array of integers, 10 in all *)

a: integer= 0;

i: integer= 0;

c: integer= 0;

k: integer=0;

N: integer=0;


(* We need to first initialize the array no with 0 values *)

for a := 1 to 10 do



for a := 1 to 10 do


  if (no[i]


Carl sent an e-mail to more than three thousand employees about a software update. The employees need to prepare for this update but he found that many people did not even read the e-mail. Carl should _____. create and send a newsletter send a business letter send another e-mail call each employee



The correct answer to the following question will be "Create and send a newsletter".


Newsletter: A newsletter is a paper or electronic publication that includes news about a company or an organization's activities that are circulated to its members, clients, employees or other subscribers.

The newsletter helps n sharing important information between employees, for example, new training procedures and providing relevant branch information and updates to help the workers excellently perform their duties.

Business letter: It is an official document that is usually sent to customers, staff, and stakeholders from one organization to another or from one corporation.

Call each employee: As 3000 employees are working in the organization(according to the question), so it is hard to call each employee and tell him about the update.

Send another e-mail: As some of the employees didn't even read the previous mail, so sending another mail is not an appropriate option.  

Hence, Carl should create and send the newsletter.

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