Instructions:Select the correct answer. The prologue is an element of Greek tragedies that sets the play in motion. How does the opening scene in Antigone between Antigone and Ismene spark the play's action?
A.by revealing Antigone's plan of burying her brother against the king's orders
B.by highlighting the closeness of Antigone and Ismene's relationship
C.by focusing on the mood of the Theban citizens just after they have won a war
D.by contrasting the plights of Oedipus's unfortunate sons, Eteocles and Polyneices


Answer 1

The correct answer is A. The opening scene reveals Antigone's plan of burying her brother against the king's orders. This marks two of the themes of the play: civil disobedience, as we would call it nowadays, or resistance against unjust authority, and the opposition of divine and human law. Antigone means to bury his brother, in direct defiance of Creon, because his decree (human law) goes against the law of the gods.

Answer 2

D.by contrasting the plights of Oedipus's unfortunate sons, Eteocles and Polyneices

im pretty sure that's right I hope it is :)

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The answer is C. You cannot eat your riches.

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The answer is
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Fred Miles, Manager Books 4 You
1902 West Anywhere Drive
Somewhere, NY

Dear Mr. Miles:

Last week I purchased a complete hardcover set of the Resolution series by Janet Fredericks. Unfortunately when the package arrived, it was not only smashed, but several of the books had received water damage and one was missing.

I have done business with your company for years and am extremely disappointed in the quality of this delivery. I would appreciate a shipment of a new set and instructions on how to return the damaged books, at your expense.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Melissa Short

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I. editing for correctness

II. adding a reasonable solution

III. including the sender’s address

I only
II only
III only
I and II only


III only, including the sender's address
I just finished the practice and the answer is lll only 

Jill is thinking of two numbers. They have a sum of 16 and a difference of 6. What are the two numbers?


The two numbers are 11 and 5 (:
They would be 11&5. Bc 11-5=6 & 11+5=16
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