Why is Pluto not a planet


Answer 1
Answer: I think it's because N.A.S.A didn't consider it as one because it was to small.
Answer 2
Answer: Its a dwarf planet. Its too small to be considered a planet because its the size of a small moon.

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The media include all forms of mass communication, including television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. Please select the best answer from the choices provided T F


Yes this is correct (the answer is T): Media include all forms of mass communication, including but not limited to television (for example through news programs and debates), newspapers (which include interviews, reports and commentaries) and the internet, which also includes videos.


Its True, I just took the quiz



10. When you've carefully checked all the facts and your attitudes and still find that there's "just something" about your supervisor that's causing a problem in your relationship, you should suspect that A. there's an imaginary risk.
B. there's a hidden attitude.
C. too much socializing is going on.
D. you're not carrying your own weight.
Student Answer: D



There's a hidden attitude.


Attitude is a settled way of thinking or a feeling about something and how one responds either positively or negatively towards a certain situation. It influences an individual choice of action and responses to challenges.It is determined by persons viewpoint, mindset and beliefs among other things. The importance of attitude is the steps which one takes towards achieving something. There are different types of attitude which include the positive, negative, hidden attitude among others.

Hidden attitude  are the issues that indicates to our subconscious challenges and these subconscious  challenges are  .dangerous basically because it cannot be easily observed.

I think that the best answer is "hidden attitude ". A hidden attitude would not be visible upon examination,but would still cause problems in a relationship. This could be "this something".

This is a federal agency begun in 1970 by president nixon to protect human health and the air.



Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Environmental Protection Agency was formed by the former President of United States of America by President Nixon around 1970 to oversee environmental protection.


A change in the price of a product causes movement along the demand curve. What would cause the entire demand curve to shift


Demand curve is a graph that shows the relationship between the price of a product and its quantity demanded.

The curve on the graph does shift if there is no change due to increase or decrease in price which affected the quantity demanded.

The factors that could cause entire demand curve shift includes

  • Rise or fall in a competitors price
  • Rise or fall of consumers’ income
  • Rise or fall of the price of a complementing product.

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The entire demand curve may shift for a number of reasons including: a rise or fall in a competitors price, a rise or fall of consumers’ income, or the rise or fall of the price of a complementing product.

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