What is the relationship between the 6s in 660


Answer 1


Second 6s from right is 10 times the first 6s .

600  is 10 times of 60.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given  : 660

To find : what is the relationship between 6s .

Solution : We have given 660

We can see from the given there is two 6s .

From the right side 6 is at tens place  = 60 .

Second 6s is at hundred place  = 600

So ,

600 =  10 * 60 .

We can say Second 6s from right is 10 times the first 6s .

Therefore, Second 6s from right is 10 times the first 6s .

600  is 10 times of 60.

Answer 2
Answer: The relationship between the 6s in 660 is 110
     __6s__  __660__ 
         6           6
     s = 110

ANS : S = 110

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