Supplier and Installer (Code of conduct)

The Supplier Selector is a list of suppliers and installers. These companies are registered in Ukraine selling the products from the Technology Selector, as well as provide the services on implementation and installation of energy efficient measures for the end user.

For sub-project applicants it is a tool to find service providers who can support them with implementing single measures (but it is not mandatory to use installers and suppliers from Supplier Selector).

Applicants who are looking for installers in their region might see Supplier Selector as additional support to identify companies recommended by the IQ energy programme.

On the other hand, installers and suppliers can support the programme with promoting this kind of financing facility, which might help them to find new clients. 


Requirements for Suppliers and Installers 

  1. Company Registration according to Ukrainian Legislation
  2. Certificates allowing to carry out these services according to Ukrainian Legislation
  3. Guarantee: the company shall provide the guarantee for the products (in case of suppliers) or for the installed measure (in case of installers) from Technology Selector according to Ukrainian Legislation
  4. References / list of projects successfully implemented by the installer
  5. Availability of qualified staff able to install eligible measures from the Technology Selector in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and professional standards for workmanship
  6. Capacity to maintain installed eligible measures from the Technology Selector when necessary


How to register

The registration process for Supplier Selector is simple and easy for all interested suppliers/installers. In order to register the potential installer shall use IQ energy website where an online form is to be filled and sent to the Consultant for assessment.

Our Consultant will directly contact with the applicant company to get all required data and confirmations and further process the inclusion into the Supplier Selector and publishing on the IQ energy website. Supplier Selector is up-to- date and maintained through the programme life-time.

The registration form and all supporting documents are submitted electronically to the Consultant and are stored in the system.

To start register process please go to the  become a supplier/installer form.


Information required for application 

Finally, consultant may be required to provide the following data (but not limited list):

  • Name of the company
  • Date of registration
  • Place of registration
  • Name of managing director
  • Copy of the Extract from the State register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs
  • Main activity (short description approx. 200 characters)
  • Contact details of the company (usually office contacts): zip code, address, telephone  number, e-mail
  • Contact details of the person who files the form: Full name, telephone number, e-mail
  • Exact definition of services provided e.g.:
    • Thermal insulation
    • Installation/Replacement of boilers
    • Installation/Replacement of windows
    • Installation of solar collectors
    • Installation of heat pumps
    • Installation of heating systems
    • etc.
  • List of projects/references (with contact details for verification): with name of client and contact data, description of equipment installed/description of works delivered (only for installers)
  • Required by Ukrainian Legislation licenses/certificate to perform (depending to equipment/materials to be installed) elevated works, construction/refurbishment works, sanitary engineering works etc.
  • Copy of certificates of qualification-based trainings visited by workers of any certain installer.


Quality assurance and complain management 

In order to guarantee a high level of quality of service providers, a procedure of checking documents and complaint management will be quite important.

In case of complaints the following procedure will be used:

  • Sub-borrowers who are not satisfied with work carried out by installer can contact the Consultant (e-mail, phone, template on web-site)
  • The Consultant will send request for clarification to the installer to get its point of view
  • The Consultant will contact sub-borrowers to get a better picture on reason for complaining
  • This case will be documented and presented to the experts, that decides on how to deal with this installer. In case of justified complaint, the installer gets either a warning or will be removed from the Supplier Selector
  • Both parties will get information about the decision

Installer agrees that in case of fraud, corruption or other notice of incompliance the installer shall be removed from the Supplier Selector.