Six Steps to Energy Efficiency

Everyone who is facing the challenge of energy efficient improvement of the own house has to answer the following questions – Where to begin? What is the right sequence of the steps? What comes at first, second, third stage…etc.? 

Yes, indeed, to ensure the energy efficiency of your house you need to go quite a long journey, requiring the implementation of certain measures. If you decide to get on this road and pass it to the end, it is very important at the beginning to choose the correct sequence of measures. In the future this will save you resources and will get you to the maximum energy savings. 

To answer the above questions, the experts of IQ energy Programme developed the correct and easy way to the top of the energy efficiency, which consists of six consecutive steps:


Step 1

To perform energy audit and install meters – these are first actions to take. In-depth energy audit of the building identifies not only the problem zones of your home, but also evaluates optimal measures to improve its energy efficiency, estimates the cost and payback period of such measures. In addition, it is important to install meters according to the type of your dwelling – private house, apartment in a multi-family house or condominium. Pay attention that each dwelling type has its own characteristics. More details


Step 2

Than it is needed to minimize heat losses in your home. The main measures to improve are to replace the windows, insulate walls, ceiling and floors and install a proper ventilation. How to do it right? here you find More details


Step 3

An important source for energy savings is to upgrade your heating system. It is impressive how much money a radiator thermostat can help you to save! For multi-family house – at once up to -30% savings can be achieved by installation of one simple measure – Individual Heat Substation. More tips for each dwelling type


Step 4

For residents of private houses with boilers, it is important to get maximum heat at minimum cost. Do you know that there are boilers with efficiency more than 108%? Learn more about energy efficient boilers and their types. Optimal fuel and advantages of each fuel type – more details


Step 5

Another area to significantly improve energy expenditures is the usage of alternative energy sources. Do you know how to get heat literally from air, soil or from the sun? Here you learn more about heat pumps and sun collectors – More details


Step 6

Energy efficient life style means also proper usage of energy efficient appliances and saving habits. How to save thousands of litres of water without losing living comfort, where and how to put kitchen appliance right and other energy efficient tricks – More details