by Retra
  • The combined solid fuel boiler "retro-4M" adapted to work in two modes:

    1. Daily automatic fuel supply in the form of pellets, wood, peat, husks, sawdust, etc.
    2. Mode manual loading firewood, coal, fuel briquettes and other fuel.

    Equipment efficiency reaches 93%. The price included a boiler hopper with screw, fire extinguishing system, pellet burner, fans, remote management, security group.

  • In 2010, PE "Retra-3M" developed and started production of combined solid fuel boilers "Retra-4M" adapted to work in two modes:

    • Automatic fuel supply (pellets, coal fraction to 15 mm). Downloads fuel is carried out automatically from the hopper auger screw (driven motor-gear) to a pellet burner. The most effective combustion of fuel in the pellet burner is ensured by blowing air that carried a fan. Jobs screw conveyor fan and microprocessor controlled thermostat.
    • Hand-feed the fuel (wood, coal, briquettes etc). Downloads fuel is through the door. The process efficient combustion in the furnace is carried out by intensive air supply on the perimeter of the chamber. It formed "air cocoon" around the fuel. The gas burned in the furnace due to lack of air burns due to secondary air supply. This ensures high efficiency, reaching 93%.


    • Two inserts upper material for burning large, lower - for combustion using small pellet burner fuel;
    • Work in manual and automatic mode;
    • The use of different fuels, more accessible consumer;
    • Increased storage hopper ensures continuous operation of the boiler to 3-5 days;
    • Double fire prevention in shnetsi.

    The manufacturer does not stop and constantly improving products, creating a more modern and attractive design, improving technical and ergonomic characteristics of boilers, expanding sector equipment.

Manufacturer Retra
Contact Details e-mail:; tel. / fax: +380362256038; Address: Ukraine, 33024, Rivne, Starytskoho str. 45; Website:
Manufacture Product Details
Technology biomass, firewood, fuel briquettes, pellets
Max Capacity in kW 32.0
Min Capacity in kW 16.0
Efficiency in % 85.0

Annual savings
Annual savings: UAH 8,500 / 7,000 kWh*

Annual energy baseline for heating 39,722kWh/a

Annual energy after replacement RETRA 32-4М

Your annual savings


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