PRANA - 250

  • Supply - 650 m3/h, exhaust - 610 m3/h; Exhaustion and supply at the same time;; Energy consumption from 20 to 120 W*h; Efficiency 74-51%,Energy efficiency class А; Copper heat exchanger
  • Copper heat exchanger provides impeccable recuperation and natural purity of air without microbes and bacteria, since copper is a natural antiseptic. The model is used on objects of industrial and industrial purpose (factories, shopping centers, sports and entertainment complexes, swimming pools, agricultural sector premises, etc.). The model can also be used on household objects (private houses, apartments). System is designes to be installed inside the premise. Systen can be connected with the help of ventilating supply and exhaust ducts (Σ∆р350pa). To provide safe operating conditions in high humidity conditions Peana-250 is connected to DC sources with the valtage - +24В.Ventilation unit is connected to power supply network 220V through AC/DC converter (adapter). European Quality Certificate CE
Manufacturer PRANA
Contact Details LLC "PRANA PLATINUM", 93a, Kulparkivska str., Lviv, 79021, +38 032 2325 339, +38 (044) 383 03 46, +38 (067) 153-99-31; +38 (096) 555-30-50;,
Manufacture Product Details
ebrd_technology_HRU regenerative with a metal heat exchanger
Efficiency in % 74.0

Annual savings
Annual savings: UAH 0 / 0 kWh*

Annual energy baseline 22,944kWh/a

Annual energy after replacement of PRANA - 250

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