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  • Heat pumps Octopus - cost source of heat for heating and hot water. Octopus is used in residential buildings, office centers, sports complexes, production and storage facilities, hotels. Use of heat pump technology Octopus - allows to reduce costs by more than 70%, compared with conventional heat sources. Guaranteed to work - 42C. Warranty period of operation - 20 years.
  • Heat pump - a device that takes the low-temperature energy from the environment and transmits it through the coolant heating system. With the help of the heat pump even in winter you can take the heat from the outdoor air to heat the room. This is possible thanks to the circulating energy in the heat pump or refrigerant medium having a boiling point at atmospheric pressure of -42,6 ° C. In comparison with the warmer air temperature, even if the temperature ̊S -20, at which temperature the liquefied freon (refrigerant) is converted to steam. The energy needed for evaporation is taken from the environment. In the heat transfer significantly affects the air speed and relative humidity. Moisture in the air condenses on the cold evaporator profiles, with absorbed energy released during condensation. The profile is formed ice or hoarfrost, which essentially is a refrigerant heat accumulator energii.Holodoagent compressed in a compressor, causing its temperature increases, depending on the pressure, to + 64 ° C. In the condenser (heat exchanger), refrigerant is condensed, and the thermal energy released is passed through the water in the heating system. On the way to the evaporator liquefied refrigerant passes through an expansion valve, wherein the pressure falls to the initial level and the refrigerant evaporates.
Contact Details LLC "Octopus Energy", 2-V, Naberegno-Lugova, Kiev, Ukraine, tel.: +38 (068) 820-22-23
Manufacture Product Details http://www.octopus.ua/...
Max Capacity in kW 7.9
Technology air-water
COP 3.66

Annual savings
Annual savings: UAH 32,600 / 27,400 kWh*

Annual energy baseline for heating 39,722kWh/a

Annual energy after replacement Octopus is48

Your annual savings


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