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IQ energy. How to save on utility bills next winter
Date published:
August 8, 2016

To save money on utility bills and maintain the same level of comfort next winter, it is necessary to reduce heat loss, install meters (in order to pay only for what is used), and make sure that there is an efficient heat transfer system. The main heat loss in buildings occurs through windows and walls. Windows should be replaced for energy efficient two-chamber windows, and radiators should be replaced with more modern ones with maximum heat output. List of energy efficiency of windows here.

Such renovations are rather expensive for regular people, so there are various initiatives for their support and encouragement. IQ energy programme developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), funded by the E5P Partnership supported by the European Union. The aim of the programme is to increase energy efficiency of the residential sector in Ukraine. Similar programmes already operate in more than 20 countries, so there is a well-established mechanism for financial, informational and technical support in the field of energy-efficient technologies.

To get a grant in IQ energy programme you should:

1)      Buy (using a loan from a partner-bank) one or more items from the list of eligible products www.iqenergy.org.ua/technologies.

Loan decisions are made by the partner banks rather quickly, no more than 10 minutes. No salary proof or downpayment is required. The cost of the loan depends on the term of the loan and the type of a financial product, but the amount of the nominal annual interest rate in IQ energy loan is the lowest at the market and starts from 19.99% in hrivnyas. "When we were developing the programme process we tried to make it as easy for our clients as possible - says Oksana Bulgakova, IQ energy programme director in Ukraine. We understand that Ukrainians, especially those who work from 9 to 6, have very little time to wait for a loan approval, to go to the bank to provide salary proof or to make first downpayment. Customers need to find a solution for their repair or construction task as quickly as possible.  IQ energy programme will help to finance the purchase and installation of energy efficient equipment and to compensate 15% or 20% of the investment. For example, in the network of "Epicenter K" DYI stores energy efficient products can be bought with a loan from the programme partner banks with “0” downpayment. No salary proof is required. All the process can be completed in 2 hours because the bank officers are located in the shopping centers. In addition, the national network of "Epicenter K" representing the largest range of energy-saving products for all market participants, so here you will be able to get a loan for the heating equipment, insulation materials and windows.

2) To receive the compensation for a loan (a grant) please apply here. The size of compensation depends on the loan amount, the amount of energy-efficient operations and can be up to UER 3,000.