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Information for vendors and manufacturers
Date published:
October 15, 2020

Dear IQ energy programme partners,

As you know, In September 2020 IQ energy team completed its mission of supporting residential energy efficiency in Ukraine and the IQ energy programme has ended.

Launched in April 2016, by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), IQ energy reached more than 43,000 Ukrainian families. They renovated their homes with high-quality energy-efficient materials that meet Ukrainian construction norms, programme criteria and international standards. Incentives to programme participants in the amount of EUR15 million were provided by the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) fund, where the European Union made the largest contribution. Funding for technical support was provided by the Swedish government.

Each year, the projects that participated in the program are saving 72,596 MW and reducing harmful CO2 emissions by 27,732 tons.

All these impressive results would not have been achieved without your direct participation. We would like to thank you very much for your input and our fruitful cooperation.

In the meantime, we have finished the migration of the technologies which are present in the IQ energy Technology Selector to the database of EBRD’s "Green Technology Selector (GTS)" which has been developed to be used in all its countries of operation (38 countries in all).

The purpose of the development of the GTS is to create a worldwide list / database of energy efficient (green) materials and equipment in accordance with the technical criteria set by the EBRD, and to create a global list / database of the products included in this scope, valid in all countries where EBRD has energy efficiency support programs. It is to ensure that investments in such equipment and materials can be directly financed from EBRD funds as they are considered automatically eligible for such financing.

The GTS can also be seen as an indicator of the EBRD's support for the energy efficient green economy and a key to implementing the listed green technologies in the 38 countries where EBRD operates. The information about the products and vendors/manufacturers included in the GTS will be visible in all countries using GTS.

Input of the products meeting energy efficiency technical criteria can be made by companies that are authorized manufacturers and vendors / dealers, etc. The authorization is made according to the applications made at https://techselector.com/ukraine-en/ and there is no need to pay any fee.

Product inputs can be made by the manufacturer companies or by a dealer to be directed by these companies.

Since Ukraine is an important producer and exporter of energy efficient building materials and equipment, we believe that the inclusion of products in this system will be attractive for the manufacturers. Moreover, the size and diversity of the market in these products will also pave the way for the development of financial programs like IQ energy in the future.

Our kind request from you on this issue is to register on the GTS website, find the products you could sold, enrol them in order to propose yourself as a company who could provide green technologies for the customers. You could also register any new energy efficient materials and equipment if it’s not yet available in the GTS database.  

All required information and contact for support you will find on the GTS website https://techselector.com/