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The way to integrated thermo-modernization: the story of ‘Aviator 17’ Media: “Your House. Practice’
Date: January 2019
This is a typical Soviet panel house in Kyiv with a typical set of problems: the heating system is unbalanced the apartments are cold. This story is about Kyiv home owners’ association (OSBB) ‘Aviator-17’, which performed a facade insulation project of an apartment building located in Svyatoshynsky district of Kyiv within the framework of the Ukrainian Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility programme, also known as IQ energy programme. The project was financed by UAH 1.7 mln. loan from the programme’s partner bank OTP Bank. Under the terms of the programme, the association received an incentive payment from European donors in the amount of EUR 20,643 which is equal to 40% of project investment value.
Energy saving in action: home owners associations joined IQ energy programme Media: STB TV Channel
Date: October 2018
From now Ukrainian homeowners associations can modernize their homes with the help of the funds from European donors: OSBBs have joined the IQ energy programme. This means that now you and your neighbors can replace heat substation or windows or insulate the house and 40 percent of the costs will be returned. In this story - the first OSBBs in Ukraine, that took part in the programme.
How can Ukrainians reduce their energy bills Media: TV channel "Ukraine"
Date: October 2018
What can we do now to protect ourselves from huge energy bills? With no wait for the next change in gas tariffs, the journalist of “Ukraine” TV channel checked: is it possible to reduce the cost of communal utilities using the methods, offered in Ukraine?
The first IQ energy client in OSBB segment on ICTV Media: ICTV TV-channel
Date: September 2018
Successful home owners associations (OSBBs) urgently update windows, doors, heating systems and insulate walls, waiting for the new heating season. The head of the first home owners association in Ukraine, which took advantage of the EBRD IQ energy programme, knows how to save heat, and, therefore, save money of home owners. This OSBB purchased on credit and replaced 66 old windows and doors in public utilities on energy-saving ones. See this case and other projects in the news of national television channel ICTV.
OSBBs can receive grants for the implementation of energy saving measures under the Energy Efficiency Financing Programme Media: web-site of Kyiv city state administration
Date: June 2018
The Kyiv city state administration together with the EBRD's IQ energy programme have presented the new grant opportunities to Kyiv home owners’ associations (OSBBs). A new loan product, developed by one of the partners of the IQ energy programme - OTP Bank, is aimed on financing of a wide range of energy-efficient activities. This was discussed during the seminar held in Kiev.
€ 3000 per person: where and how to get funds for installation of energy-saving equipment Media: ICTV TV-channel
Date: May 2018
In spring, few people think about making their houses warmer. But do not forget the old proverb: prepare your sleigh in summer. You can apply for a grant, choosing from 6,000 items and compensate 35%. The scheme is protected from corruption in a European way. The ICTV channel has met Ukrainians, who had already tried the programme and started saving. A resident of Chernyhiv previously paid 776 UAH for gas per month, now she pays only 274 UAH. A resident of Rivne paid 40 thousand UAH per year. Now, after installing the heat pump with IQ energy programme – just a half of this sum.
A compensation for those who save Media: STB TV Channel
Date: January 2018
If you are building or repairing your house, want it to be energy efficient, but do not have enough money, then a special programme IQ energy will help you. Europeans offer to do this on credit and return 35% of spent on energy-saving boilers, windows, meters and even warm floors. House owners from this TV story know how to make their home energy-efficient.
The programme "energy independence" Media: “5 Channel” TV Channel
Date: January 2018
Why Ukrainians should take care of economical and effective use of energy resources? How does the IQ energy programme work and what does it actually give to Ukrainian citizens? How can every citizen of Ukraine join the project of energy efficiency and energy saving and how to do it competently?
Energy-efficient technologies become a usual part of life Media: ICTV TV Channel
Date: February 2017
Alexander has finished building a house near Kyiv last year and immediately began to equip it. He was interested in technologies that help to save money and energy. After considering various options he chose a high-quality energy-efficient boiler and a heating system using the IQ energy programme.
IQ energy: 100% denial for non-energy efficient windows Media: web-site “”
Date: May 2018
Associations of apartment buildings co-owners can receive 40% grants for expenses related to insulation. EP tells how to do it under the IQ energy programme, which is by the Eastern European Partnership for Energy Efficiency and the Environment (E5P), of which the EU is the largest contributor.
New lifehack for OSBB: how to get 40% grant for house insulation Media: "Economichna pravda" web-site
Date: April 2018
Attempts to cheat with IQ energy programme and buy a cheap, not "warm" window, giving it for energy efficiency, result in a refusal to provide grants. In the category "windows" there are 20% of failures. The reason - attempts to fraud. Read where the "schemes" come from, how IQ energy specialists react to them, and how to avoid cheating when buying windows and get compensation in euros.
EBRD launches pilot project on compensation of energy efficiency measures for OSBB Media: Ukrinform Information Agency
Date: April 2018
The EBRD is launching a pilot project under the IQ energy programme to compensate the part of cost of energy efficiency projects for OSBBs. This was stated at a press conference by Volodymyr Mudry, member of the Board of OTP Bank. "We will not impose any harsh conditions to transfer the entire flow of funds to OTP Bank. The 40% grant includes not only the cost of equipment, but for the entire project. I think, this is unprecedented for this country”, Mudry said.
How to insulate the house and save money with the support of the EU Media: web-site of the Espresso TV channel
Date: February 2018
The higher electricity bills in Ukraine has made energy efficiency a hot topic. The thermal insulation of buildings not only improves the quality of life of people, but also significantly helps to save. A number of programmes and projects that help Ukrainians implement energy efficiency measures are implemented with the support of the European Union. One programme of this kind, IQ energy, was launched in Ukraine in April 2016. It helps Ukrainians to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The programme was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is funded by the Eastern European Partnership for Energy Efficiency and the Environment (E5P), of which the EU is the largest contributor.
What the banks where talking about in 2017 Media: web-site "Minfin"
Date: January 2018
Last year, banks in media talked more about their reliability, rather than trying to give information about products and services. This is stated in a study submitted by NOKS FISHES. The most resonant topic of the "Services" block was the issuance of "warm credits" for energy modernization of housing. Initially, the array was "pushed" by the government through its state banks, and the EBRD (IQ energy programme) through UkrSybbank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval and OTP Bank.
EBRD provides additional resources to support energy efficiency under the IQ energy Programme Media: web-site “”
Date: November 2017
The EBRD provides new funds through the energy efficiency financing programme for private owners of IQ energy. Another partner, Credit Agricole Bank, also joined the program. The plans of the programme for 2018 - to develop a financial product for OSBBs. This was discussed today at a press conference "IQ energy - warm loans from the EBRD”.
Project in Kropyvnytsky: EBRD compensates up to 3,000 euros for energy efficiency costs Media: Ukrinform Information Agency
Date: October 2017
As part of the joint project, KyrovogradGaz employees installed the first energy-efficient gas boilers and modern heating systems with funding from OTP Bank for residents of Kropyvnytsky for a period of up to 2 years. All participants of the IQ energy programme receive compensation in the size of 35% of the cost of equipment, materials, installation and project documentation.
The Pace of Issuing "Warm" Loans Grew Fivefold Since May Media: Cenzor website
Date: September 2017
The pace of issuing loans under the IQ energy programme from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development continues to grow. This is stated in the press-release of the programme. "A little more than a month has left till the start of the heating season. Which means, that there is still time to thermomodernize our housing and start saving on heating already this season," says Oksana Bulgakova, the Manager of IQ energy programme.
EBRD Doubled Compensations for IQ energy Programme Media: Financial Club website
Date: July 2017
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is looking for ways to popularize the programme of compensation for housing insulation. If earlier the bank returned to Ukrainians 15-25% of the size of their expenses, depending on the type and amount of energy-efficient measures, now there will be a single raised rate of compensation - 35%. The maximum limit for one project remained the same - 3000 euros. For OSBBs the compensations have increased from 25-30% to 40%.
Oksana Bulgakova: IQ energy - win-win project on energy efficiency Media: web-site “”
Date: June 2017
The IQ energy programme from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) provides the grants to Ukrainian citizens for up to 3,000 euros for the insulation and modernization of housing. The IQ energy Programme Manager Oksana Bulgakova told about the payment mechanism, the principles of interaction with window companies and the programme outlook.
Eurogrants for insulation: what we have learned about the Ukrainian consumer after a year of work Media: "Economichna pravda" web-site
Date: May 2017
Scepticism towards energy saving programs is replaced by interest. Replacing the windows, Ukrainians look closely at the solar collectors and heat pumps
Customers of Raiffeisen Bank Aval will receive grants for the installation of energy-efficient equipment Media: web-site "Minfin"
Date: April 2017
Raiffeisen Bank Aval joined the IQ energy programme, under which individuals can receive partial financial compensation for the cost of energy efficiency measures in accordance with European standards. The programme was developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) with the support of donors.
Date: April 2017
In Ukraine, an independent market for energy saving lending has been formed. Its participants do not depend on budgetary financing, therefore they offer flexible conditions for cooperation
Energy efficiency: a list of equipment for which compensation is available published Media: "Economichna pravda" web-site
Date: March 2017
The list of materials and equipment for which one can get a European grant under the energy efficiency programme from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development IQ energy, has been expanded. "The list of solutions that make it possible to significantly reduce the cost of heating includes both low-cost positions, for example thermal insulation of pipes, and high-temperature heat pumps, which save more than 30,000 hryvnia per year. Buying each of them one can receive a European grant”, the IQ energy press-release said.
EBRD launched a programme of housing insulation for 75 million euros in Ukraine Media: UNIAN News Agency
Date: April 2016
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), together with the EU and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), launched a special energy-saving programme IQ energy with a total funding of 75 million euros, which will help Ukrainians to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, maintaining the same level of comfort while reducing consumption of energy resources, said EBRD Director in Ukraine Sevki Acuner.