Ceresit Ceretherm Impactum System 150 (decor layer - wet plaster)

by Ceresit
  • The system based on EPS insulant. The main advantages of the system: the highest the durability in the range of Ceresit Ceretherm, crack resistance, resilience, UV-resistance, weather resistance and resistance to thermal effects and changes, resistance to mechanical and impact loads (100 J). This system can take the blow when metallic ball weighing 5 kg falls at a height of 2 meters. The system can be applied on pedestals.

    System's components:

    Adhesive Ceresit CT 85 pro
    Insulation material Ceresit CT 315
    Fiberglass mesh Ceresit CT 325
    Fiberglass mesh Ceresit CT 327
    Anchors Ceresit CT 330
    Rendering Ceresit CT 100
    Wet plaster Ceresit CT 79


    • The highest durability of the system
    • The highest crack resistance
    • The highest resistance to mechanical and impact loads (100 J)
    • The highest resilience of the system
    • The highest UV-resistance
    • The highest weather resistance and resistance to thermal effects and changes
    • It is possible to use on pedestals
    • BioProtect Formula (protects the face against the signs of biological corrosion)
    • Deep structural water-repellency of the system
    • The lowest water absorption of system’s layers
    • The system is reinforced by carbonic, polyacrylamide fibers, glass fibers, and elastomeric dispersion
    • Self-purification and pollution resistance (by using elastomeric decorative stucco)

    The classification by fire safety: State construction standards B. 1.1-2002 "Fire safety of building facilities" as amended No. 1 as of July 1, 2007: Flammability group G1 (low flammability), flame spreading group RP1 (does not spread flame). Recommended fundamentals: can be stuck to largely any surface of external walls (also glass, OSB, ceramic tile as well as enameled tile) using Ceresit СТ 100 Impactum. Recommended facilities: separate houses and multi-storey buildings in height to 26.5 m (roughly nine floors). Recommended climatic effects: all climatic zones of Ukraine; facilities located in seismically active and earthquake zones. It is especially efficient in the regions with high air humidity and pollution. The most suitable for: arranging of front and entry section of buildings; pedestal of facilities; in the areas of man-made periodic vibrations (road junctions, railway stations, metro, trams, etc.).

Manufacture Product Details http://www.ceresit.ua/...
Manufacturer Ceresit
Contact Details Henkel Bautechnik (Ukraine), Ltd.,2, Novopromyslova Str., Vyshgorod, Kiev region, 07300, Ukraine, Tel: (044) 490-51-20, info@ceresit.ua, www.ceresit.ua
Material Facade systems
Lambda in W/(m·K) 0.040
Thickness in mm 150
R-Value m²K/W 3.75

Annual savings
Annual savings: UAH 12,100 / 9,900 kWh*

Annual energy baseline for heating 39,722kWh/a

Annual energy after replacement Ceresit Ceretherm Impactum System 150 (decor layer - wet plaster)

Your annual savings


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