Thermal modernisation of a multifamily building

Approximate cost estimate of energy efficiency measures for the reference two-room apartment (52 m²).

Energy efficiency is not just a trendy word. For multifamily building apartment owners energy efficient upgrade is first of all an opportunity to reduce energy consumption and therefore significantly decrease utility bills.

For owners of a multifamily building the concept to become more energy efficiency could be described as following:

It is also important to remember that the decision on performing of thermal modernisation for multifamily building should be taken exclusively by its owners at the general meeting (for buildings with condominiums – at the general meeting of condominium).

In principle, this case-study shows:

  1. Energy efficient measures which can be implemented in any Ukrainian multifamily building;
  2. Indicative cost estimate related to these measures;
  3. Energy use and bills reduction that apartment owners can achieve as a result of energy efficient upgrade

The rough cost estimate of energy efficiency measures


* This measure can only be implemented on a building level, not just for one apartment

** Optional, not included into the calculation



Total investments 

39 200 UAH

Total savings***

7 700 UAH/year

Payback period

5 years

***Based  on the tariffs on 12.2015  Logo EBRD