BTS-14 P

by BTS
  • Pyrolysis solid fuel boilers BTS is a modern development in the Ukrainian market. Boilers are manufactured in Vinnitsa by specialists of BTS companies, taking into account the requirements of Ukrainian consumers. Pyrolysis boilers "BTS" combined the advanced European efficiency technologies and "Slavic" reliability. We can say with certainty that BTS boilers are currently the leader among all boilers in the Ukrainian market.
  • How boilers " BPS " different from other pyrolysis boilers: In boilers " BPS " by creating negative pressure in the chamber loading, rather than forcing air in other boilers, implemented correctly pyrolysis process because pyrolysis is subject to lack of oxygen. Boilers with pumping fans called 'poluhazifitsiruyuschimi. Correct , right pyrolysis provides high efficiency and efficiency of the boiler. Exhaust system camera downloads (German company EBM-PAPST) makes it possible to burn only the necessary amount of firewood. The rest of the wood are like standby (economy). In other boilers with air injection in the chute, wood burning all the time. The new air supply system (servo system Sensor) adjusts the boiler when the wood humidity, temperature and humidity, draft in the chimney, thus the most efficient and economical use of fuel. This system also works as an emergency system samotusheniya boiler. In boilers " BPS" No Schieber chimney. No need to " manual " manipulation. When you run the operating temperature is set on the electronic controller and all subsequent adjustments boiler does automatically. Plate heat exchanger (tube instead), as well as thought-shirt water boiler provides the most effective selection of heat in the heating system. It should be noted that our boilers richer European counterparts on heat transfer surfaces (25 kW = 15 kW European "BPS") Lack of phase stop, makes the boiler smooth, economical as well protects heat exchanger from clogging resins. Availability mode '' turbo '' for rapid heating boiler. The increased load cell 135 liters makes it possible to lay less firewood. When working with the sensor ambient temperature range load reaches 30 hours. Lining with movable inserts that do not crack, unlike other manufacturers of boilers monolithic concrete lining. Smokeless download. Through smoke exhausters, when loading fuel possible ingress of smoke into the room. This advantage BPS distinguishes from competitors. Convenient robust handles that are closed in one motion. Quality insulation trunk " cold door " provides security for children. Wear-resistant powder coating outer surfaces of the boiler. Transport wheels. An important detail if the mass of 1 ton boiler. Viewing window in the combustion chamber. Dimensions and thoughtful design of the boiler. Most boilers " BPS " are a standard doorways. The absence of protruding door makes the appearance of the boiler and modern technology.
Manufacturer BTS
Contact Details LLC "Atom", 128\28, Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01032, Ukraine, phone.: +38(098) 469-69-68,
Manufacture Product Details
Technology firewood
Max Capacity in kW 14.0
Min Capacity in kW 4.2
Efficiency in % 92.0

Annual savings
Annual savings: UAH 11,600 / 9,500 kWh*

Annual energy baseline for heating 39,722kWh/a

Annual energy after replacement BTS-14 P

Your annual savings


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