Austria Email PSF 800

by Austria Email
  • Storage tank PSF 800 l Austria Email with ECO SKIN 2.0 insulation 100mm thick and flange D240mm .. It is designed for accumulation and preservation of excess heat in heating systems and for its further use. • Volume: 800 liters • Tank material: Stainless steel St 37-2, external powder coating • Insulation: ECO SKIN 2.0 - innovative fleece insulation 100 mm • Coefficient of thermal conductivity: λ = 0.036 W / (m • K) • Heat loss 3.4 kW / 24h • Working pressure: 3 bar, test pressure - 4.5 bar • Connection of 9 threaded connections 6/4 "(female thread) 4 threaded connections 1/2" (internal thread) • Operating temperature of the tank is 95 ° C • Dimensions: diameter - 990 mm, height - 1785 mm, flange D240 • Warranty - 7 years • Fire protection class B2 (with DIN 4102-1)
  • Austria Email storage tanks are suitable for any heating system based on a heat transfer medium, no matter whether a solid fuel boiler, gas or electric boiler, heat pump or solar panels is used. The high quality and energy efficiency of Austria Email storage tanks is achieved through the use of the latest insulating materials. ECO SKIN 2.0 is an innovative insulation for storage tanks and boilers, which is a significant improvement over the previous proposed version of soft foam insulation. Convincing advantages of ECO SKIN 2.0: material ECO SKIN 2.0 uses a high-quality new insulating material - pressed fleece, which has excellent characteristics and is used in the textile industry, for example, for the production of comfortable, warm, non-allergenic fleece jackets. The perfect insulation fit provides a significant reduction in heat loss. environmental friendliness 100% recyclability. Thanks to the technology of "filling the seams" of the new insulation material ECO SKIN 2.0 and new plugs you can save money and reduce unnecessary CO2 emissions. In general, both components reduce the heat loss of the storage tank for warm water by 1000 liters to 38% * (compared to the previously proposed insulation foam soft foam). Having implemented these improvements, Austria Email already takes into account the European Union's goal of reducing CO2 emissions for the coming years under the ECODESIGN Directive. quality Despite the fact that Austria Email has its own certified laboratory, the isolation was sent for efficiency testing to the recognized ITW institute in Stuttgart - the largest testing center for solar thermal systems and components in Europe, which plays a key role in the development of standards and testing procedures that operate now for the solar energy industry. Measured indicators were not only confirmed, but also surpassed! installation With the new ECO SKIN 2.0 - insulation and installation are very simple, because: • ECO SKIN 2.0 can be mounted very easily, regardless of temperature. Even with negative temperatures, installation is still possible • The fastener system is not damaged even if it is placed inadvertently - unlike lightning, which is easily damaged. • ECO SKIN 2.0 comes in a box with carrying handles, which greatly facilitates the work.
Manufacturer Austria Email
Contact Details LLC "THERMO-MAX", 79015 Lviv, 93A, Kulparkovskaya str., +38 (032) 295-72-91,,
Manufacture Product Details
Thickness in mm 100
Lambda in W/(m·K) 0.000

Annual savings
Annual savings: UAH 2,800 / 2,300 kWh*

Annual energy baseline for heating 22,944kWh/a

Annual energy after replacement Austria Email PSF 800

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